Leigh Brackett’s space adventures are fun reading and kudos go to Planet Stories for bringing her work back in-print. This edition includes another enthusiastic Introduction by Michael Moorcock. He must the Planet Stories house writer of Introductions. Also included with The Secret of Sinharat is People of the Talisman. I remember these two stories shared an ACE Double long, long ago.

6 thoughts on “LEIGH BRACKETT

  1. Todd Mason

    Thanks to the very selective bug on George’s blog, I couldn’t see his most recent contributions (then, the FFB and the sump pump posts), and decided to seek out a placeholder …and this was the most interesting-looking book reviewed from before George’s joining FFB…

    1. george Post author

      Innovative thinking, Todd! I’m still having trouble getting to my current blog entry in Firefox. Patrick can’t return to America too soon! I don’t understand the antics of some of these browsers!


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