I’ve been a fan of Sloane Crosley’s humorous essays. I enjoyed I Was Told There’d Be Cake (2008) and you can read my review of How Did You Get This Number (2011) here. In Look Alive Out There (2018) Sloane Crosley writes about dealing with vertigo in “Cinema of the Confined.” Very scary, but Crosley injects humor into a very grim situation. “Relative Stranger” tells the story of Sloane Crosley reaching out to a distant relative who once “performed” in 116 porno movies decades ago. Crosley deals with Bad Neighbors in “Outside Voices.” Slaane Crosley doesn’t hide her snarky and bitchy moments in these essays. But you’ll find something to smile at or laugh at in each of these essays. GRADE: B+
Wheels Up p. 3
Outside Voices p. 7
A Dog Named Humphrey p. 31
You Someday Lucky p. 49
If You Take the Canoe Out p. 53
The Chupacabra p. 77
Up the Down Volcano p. 81
The Grape Man p. 117
Right Aid p. 129
Relative Stranger p. 131
Brace Yourself p. 151
Immediate Family p. 155
Cinema of the Confined p. 159
Wolf p. 179
Our Hour Is Up p. 203
The Doctor Is a Woman p. 211
Acknowledgments p. 241

6 thoughts on “LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE: ESSAYS By Sloane Crosley

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    I agree. The two most memorable pieces for me were the vertigo (that turned out to be something else, even more serious) and the porn star relative. I enjoyed these almost as much as the earlier books.

  2. Patti Abbott

    Heard her on NPR and put the book on reserve. I guess I could probably get the earlier ones faster.


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