Joe Pug sounds like Bob Dylan-lite. Messenger reminds me of Free-Wheeling Bob Dylan at the start of Dylan’s career. Joe Pug sings some acoustic numbers, sings a couple songs that sound like they would fit in on CMT, and ends with the song that’s my favorite, “Speak Plainly, Diana.” Clearly, Joe Pug is searching for his musical style. Some of the songs are folky, protesting, and enigmatic. No matter. Joe Pug has talent and will find his style in an album or two. Thrn he’ll find his niche. For a sample, click on PLAY below. GRADE: B

6 thoughts on “MESSENGER By Joe Pug

  1. Richard R.

    He doesn’t have Dylan’s skill with lyrics, but the harmonica, acoustical guitar (on this one anyway) and singing style are certainly Dylinesque. Interesting.

    1. george Post author

      Yes, Joe Pug doesn’t have the great songs that Dylan wrote early in his career, Rick. But he has talent that should lead to Great Things.


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