MYCROFT AND SHERLOCK By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Anna Waterhouse

Mycroft and Sherlock is a sequel to 2015’s Mycroft. In Mycroft, the brilliant elder brother of Sherlock Holmes works for the British Government’s Secretary of State of War. Mycroft is only 23=years-old, but already understands the levers of power. Mycroft’s closest friend, Cyrus Douglas–a man of African descent with ties to Trinidad, learns of a series of mysterious deaths of children drained of their blood. Mycroft and Douglas travel to Trinidad to investigate the bizarre situation. Death and conundrums await them. Mycroft’s life spins onto a new and dangerous path as he learns the truth about the woman he loves. Mycroft delivers an exciting start to this new Holmes series. GRADE: B-

Mycroft and Sherlock takes place three years after these events. Sherlock is almost 19-years-old but is already a precocious puzzle-solver. While Mycroft is summoned by Queen Victoria to insure a tie in the first England vs. Scotland soccer game, Sherlock investigates the ritualistic murders of Asians in London. The murders lead to a nefarious conspiracy involving dolls and smuggling. I enjoyed the conversations between the exasperated Mycroft and Sherlock, a teenager with attitude. Both characters display their impressive deductive powers in solving the mysteries that result in a surprising solution. Fans of Holmes will enjoy this Mycroft and Sherlock mashup pastiche! GRADE: B

8 thoughts on “MYCROFT AND SHERLOCK By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Anna Waterhouse

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    When I saw the first one with Kareem’s name on it, I wondered if it was any good. I also wondered, “What will Rick think of this?”

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, I saw improvements from MYCROFT (2015) to MYCROFT AND SHERLOCK (2018). And there’s another book in the series due to be published in 2019.

  2. patti Abbott

    I was impressed with his interview on FILMSTRUCK. Certainly more intllectual than with the average athlete.

  3. ray o'leary

    I’ve read the first one and liked it. I went to Power Memorial Academy the same 4 years as he did. Only had 1 class with him, junior year American History where he sat across from me and borrowed my pencil. By the way, it was in that class that the intercom flashed the news of Kennedy’s assassination.


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