The 3-0 New England Patriots take on the 3-0 Buffalo Bills this afternoon before a sold-out New Era Field. Tom Brady is 30-3 against the Bills so it’s not a surprise that the Patriots are favored by 7 points. It will be the 42-year-old Tom Brady against the 23-year-old Josh Allen. If the Bills can keep the score close, anything can happen. But the Patriots Defense hasn’t given up a touchdown since before their Super Bowl win. How will your favorite NFL team do today?


  1. Jeff Meyerson

    Now that the Giants have a win and are playing an under-achieving Redskins team at home. they should have a good chance to win, even without Saquon Barkley. If they lose, bid the rest of the season bye bye.

    Good luck against the hated Patriots.

  2. Deb

    After squeaking out a victory against the Seahawks last week (thank you, special teams), the Drew-Brees-less 2-1 Saints take on the invigorated 3-0 Cowboys tonight in the Superdome. Unlike most Saints home games, you will see plenty of Dallas fans in the stands. Conventional wisdom is if the Saints can make it to week six (when Brees is expected to return) with a 3-3 record, they might be able to salvage the season. I’m not expecting tonight’s game to be one for the W column.

  3. Rick Robinson

    A battle of titans! A battle of unbeatens! The world trembles! Good luck.

    Meanwhile the shaky Seahawks play in Arizona. They should win, but with the O-line in such bad shape, who knows.

      1. george Post author

        Jeff, Josh Allen is in Concussion Protocol for a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit. It’s unlikely he’ll be playing next week when the Bills take on the Tennessee Titans.

  4. Rick Robinson

    It’s interesting they called a personal foul but not targeting on that. He may be out of the protocol by next week, he looked pretty good trotting off the field.

    Seahawks looked better this week.

  5. Cap'n Bob

    It’s all over but the shouting at this hour (8:22 Pacific)! Almost every team I wanted to lose lost, except the poor Bills!


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