There are plenty of One-Hit Wonders on this CD from 2001. Have you heard from the Butthole Surfers lately? Or Dog’s Eye View? I do hear Eagle-Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight” on our local rock radio station from time to time.

How many of these “hits” from the 1990s do you remember? Any favorites? GRADE: B


1Counting CrowsMr. Jones Written-By – Adam Frederic Duritz*, Charles Thomas Gillingham*, David Lynn Bryson*, Matthew Mark Malley*, Steve BowmanWritten-By – Adam Frederic Duritz*, Charles Thomas Gillingham*, David Lynn Bryson*, Matthew Mark Malley*, Steve Bowman4:34
2Gin BlossomsHey Jealousy Written-By – Doug HopkinsWritten-By – Doug Hopkins3:58
3Marcy PlaygroundSex And Candy Written-By – John K. Wozniak*Written-By – John K. Wozniak*2:55
4Deep Blue SomethingBreakfast At Tiffany’s Written-By – Todd PipesWritten-By – Todd Pipes4:20
5Soul Asylum (2)Runaway Train Written-By – David PirnerWritten-By – David Pirner4:29
6Toad The Wet SprocketAll I Want Written-By – Dean DinningGlen PhillipsRandel Guss*, Todd NicholsWritten-By – Dean DinningGlen PhillipsRandel Guss*, Todd Nichols3:19
7Spin DoctorsLittle Miss Can’t Be Wrong Written-By – Aaron ComessChris BarronEric SchenkmanMark White (2)Written-By – Aaron ComessChris BarronEric SchenkmanMark White (2)3:57
8Ben Folds FiveBrick Written-By – Ben FoldsDarren JesseeWritten-By – Ben FoldsDarren Jessee4:35
9Dog’s Eye ViewEverything Falls Apart Written-By – P. Stuart*Written-By – P. Stuart*3:56
10The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaLump Written-By – Chris BallewDavid Dederer*, Jason FinnWritten-By – Chris BallewDavid Dederer*, Jason Finn2:16
11Verve Pipe*–The Freshmen Written-By – Brian Vander ArkWritten-By – Brian Vander Ark4:32
12Blind MelonNo Rain Written-By – Eric Smith*, Chris Thorn*, Glen GrahamThomas Stevens*, Richard Hoon*Written-By – Eric Smith*, Chris Thorn*, Glen GrahamThomas Stevens*, Richard Hoon*3:38
13Porno For PyrosPets Written-By – Martyn LeNoblePerry FarrellPeter DiStefanoStephen PerkinsWritten-By – Martyn LeNoblePerry FarrellPeter DiStefanoStephen Perkins3:39
14Butthole SurfersPepper Written-By – G. Haynes*, K. Coffey*, P. Leary*Written-By – G. Haynes*, K. Coffey*, P. Leary*4:58
15LenSteal My Sunshine Written-By – Gregg DiamondMarc CostanzoWritten-By – Gregg DiamondMarc Costanzo4:29
16Mazzy StarFade Into You Written-By – David RobackHope SandovalWritten-By – David RobackHope Sandoval4:54
17Tracy BonhamMother Mother Written-By – Tracy BonhamWritten-By – Tracy Bonham3:03
18Eagle-Eye CherrySave Tonight Written-By – Eagle-Eye CherryWritten-By – Eagle-Eye Cherry3:59

24 thoughts on “NON-STOP ’90s ROCK

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Other than the Mazzy Star there is nothing here I much care for. Guess they couldn’t get Nirvana, Pearl Jam. REM, U2 or Beck. I would give this a D.

  2. Deb

    I’ve heard most of these songs and I like a few of them—“Hey Jealousy,” “Mr. Jones, “Steal My Sunshine” (which samples that disco classic “More, More, More” by the Andrea True Connection), “All I Want,” and “The Freshmen”—but I’m with Steve in that this CD includes none of the important or lasting acts/songs of the 1990s.

  3. Wolf

    Strange – I don’t remember any of the titles nor the artists …
    Maybe I heard some.
    But I have to admit that I’ve always been a fan of classic Blues and Rock – and the few artists who revitalised those sounds.

  4. Michael Padgett

    I remember about a third of these and don’t actively hate any of the ones I remember. Mazzy Star is the real standout, but I must admit to liking some of Counting Crows stuff, especially ” A Long December”. Also like Ben Folds “Brick”, which I still hear on the radio now and then. All in all, though, a pretty weak collection.

  5. Jerry House

    How many of these songs do I remember? Absolutely none.

    My theory: Either these songs or I come from an alternate universe.

    1. george Post author

      Jerry, you’d have to be a teeny-bopper listener of TOP 40 radio back in the 1990s to be familiar with these songs! But, I do like your alternative universe theory, too!

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    I’m with Wolf and Jerry’s alternate universe – I know none of them, and I am perfectly OK with that.

  7. maggie mason

    I don’t think I’ve heard any of them, at least not from the titles. I’ve heard of only one or two of the groups. Probably haven’t missed anything

      1. Steve Oerkfitz

        Still, there was a lot of good music in the 90’s. U2 and REM were doing some of their best work. Springsteen, Tom Petty were still doing strong work. New artists like Wilco, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Beck came along. Unfortunately with the changing nature of mainstream radio towards Hip Hop, pop and rap you had to look harder to hear these artists.

      2. george Post author

        Steve, you’re right, of course. I was being a little too dismissive of the music of the 1990s. The whole radio format was changing and Napster was on the horizon.

  8. Beth Fedyn

    I did not enjoy/really listen to the music of the ’90s.
    The only one I recognize is Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train.
    Honestly, I don’t think I missed much.

  9. Todd Mason

    And a number of these artists did their best work before they were signed to the big labels which could force their work into radio rotation/charts (aside from college radio charts, where the big commercial labels went hunting)

    There are four bands I don’t remember at all, and some of them, such as the Gin Blossoms, did what I remember as undistinguished pop music. But, yes, this album, like all these HITS OF THE 1900s WE CAN AFFORD! albums, was put together on the utmost cheap.

    People like to pretend that, say, Husker Du or Chumbawamba had Maybe One Hit and that’s all one should remember them for, when in both those cases, the one song was rather at the middle of their range at best. But they were the songs on WB and Universal records, as opposed to the albums and albums on small labels. The same sort of logic that would insist The Weavers Sucked, Man, after 1952. Or, that, say, Joe Turner didn’t record any good music after he left Atlantic (check out his Pablo albums).


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