NOW By Linda Eder

Linda Eder appeared in a concert at the SUNY at Buffalo Center for the Arts last night. We were in attendance and enjoyed Linda Eder’s singing. For those of you who haven’t heard Eder’s music, she works the same side of the street as Barbra Streisand: Broadway music, standards, and mellowed out pop music. Eder put out a Christmas CD a couple years ago so we heard some of those songs. Eder’s latest CD, Now, provides a nice sample of her style. Check out the video below. GRADE: B+
1. Not Gonna Fall This Time (Lyricist Jack Murphy)
2. No Finer Man (Lyricist Leslie Bricusse)
3. Ordinary People (Lyricist Brenda Russell)
4. Heat of the Night (Lyricist Jack Murphy)
5. What Did You See Inside The Stars? (Lyricist Nan Knighton)
6. Now (Lyricist Maury Yeston)
7. The Mad Hatter (Lyricist Jack Murphy)
8. A Woman In His Arms (Lyricist Nan Knighton)
9. Goodbye (Lyricist Jack Murphy)
10. What s Never Been Done Before (Lyricist Nan Knighton)
11. More Than Heaven (Lyricist Robin Lerner)
12. Living In The Shadows (Lyricist Leslie Bricusse)

2 thoughts on “NOW By Linda Eder

    1. george Post author

      Linda Eder sang a song from JEKYLL AND HYDE, Scott. About 25% of last night’s concert were Christmas songs. Very enjoyable! If Linda Eder shows up in your neighborhood she’s well worth seeing and hearing.


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