I’ve read all the Alex Benedict novels by Jack McDevitt. My far and away favorite is Seeker, which won an Nebula Award for Best SF Novel of 2005. I sent a copy of Seeker to Bill Crider and his review can be found here. This new volume in the Alex Benedict series, Octavia Gone, involves the mysterious disappearance of a space station that was studying a black hole and looking for worm holes. Alex Benedict deals in finding artifacts and selling them. Benedict’s pilot and assistant, Chase Kopath, narrates the novel which is basically a Science Fiction mystery story. Benedict and Kopath follow the clues and discover a number of stunning facts.

If you’re in the mood for a twisty SF mystery novel, Octavia Gone will keep the pages turning while you’re enjoying the beach. If you want to read a terrific SF mystery novel, give Seeker a try. I like the earlier books in this series better than the later ones (which are still fun). You can
read my review of Echo here and Coming Home here. GRADE: B

Alex Benedict Series:
A Talent for War (1989) (also published as part of Hello Out There)
Polaris (2004), ISBN 0-441-01202-7
Seeker (2005) – winner of Nebula Award for Best Novel, ISBN 0-441-01329-5
The Devil’s Eye (2008), ISBN 0-441-01635-9
Echo (2010), ISBN 0-441-01924-2
Firebird (November 1, 2011), ISBN 0-441-02073-9
Coming Home (November 4, 2014), ISBN 0-425-26087-9
Octavia Gone (May 7, 2019), ISBN 0-481-49797-8

7 thoughts on “OCTAVIA GONE By Jack McDevitt

  1. Rick Robinson

    Not much of a McDevitt fan. Maybe haven’t read enough, just one. Can’t read at the beach, too chilly, have to keep moving. In SoCal, didn’t read there either, too many distractions. We all miss Bill.


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