PIANO By Benny Andersson

Some of you might recognize Benny Andersson as one of the members of the super group ABBA. This new CD, Piano, features Andersson playing a solo piano. The music is a blend of ABBA music, music from the play (and movie) Chess that Andersson wrote, and various other tunes from Andersson’s repertoire. Some ABBA fans will miss the full musical experience, but I enjoyed the soothing piano playing and sensitive music. If you’re an ABBA fan, you’ll want to give Piano a listen. GRADE: A
1. I Let The Music Speak
2. You And I
3. Aldrig
4. Thank You For The Music
5. Stockholm By Night
6. Chess
7. The Day Before You Came
8. Someone Else’s Story
9. Midnattsdans
10. Målarskolan
11. I Wonder (Departure)
12. Embassy Lament
13. Anthem
14. My Love, My Life
15. Mountain Duet
16. Flickornas rum
17. Efter regnet
18. Tröstevisa
19. En skrift i snön
20. Happy New Year
21. I gott bevar

9 thoughts on “PIANO By Benny Andersson

  1. Maggie mason

    I really like ABBA, loved the movie Mama Mia, but for some reason, insturmentals have never really captured my attention. None of the titles are familiar to me.

    OT: Got a ticket to Hamilton coming to San Diego in Jan. And will be seeing Spamilton the month before in the Orange County area!


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