Frank (Frank Langella) is an aging jewel thief with early dementia. Frank’s son, Hunter (James Marsden), decides his father needs a robot to help him with routine tasks around the house like cleaning and food preparation. But Hunter buys a very advanced model robot. Frank, despite his declining mental health, teaches the robot how to pick locks, case a potential site of a robbery, and how to carry out a robbery. This is all great fun, but everything is framed by Frank’s frequent memory lapses. Liv Tyler and Susan Sarandon, two of my favorite actresses, aren’t given enough to do. If you’re in the mood for a bittersweet movie, I recommend Robot and Frank. GRADE: B+

10 thoughts on “ROBOT AND FRANK

  1. Patti Abbott


    Loved Frank and the robot but thought it was weak in several areas. Since when do the police allow the victim of a crime to hang out with them. And the twist at the end was too unexpected.

    1. george Post author

      Yes, the future police seemed inept to me, too, Patti. Wouldn’t they be using drones and robot cameras? I sort of liked the twist at the end.


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