Back in the 1970s, my two favorite programs were Beretta and Starky & Hutch. Sure, these formulaic TV action shows were fun to watch with their loopy plots and wild car chases. Two rogue cops (Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul) driving around in a cool car, busting bad guys, and flirting with hot chicks! This was a young man’s dream! Although Starskey & Hutch only ran for four seasons, it developed a loyal fan base. This box set of 16 DVDs was a mere $22.99 at BJ’s Warehouse. AMAZON wants $26.91 for this set. Well worth it either way. Were you a fan of Starky & Hutch?


    1. maggie mason

      I did like the starsky and hutch movie. Starred Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller I do like movies most people don’t, so maybe I’m not the best person to listen to when choosing movies

  1. Jerry House

    For some reason I never got into this show, George; it may have been opposite another show I preferred. David Soul never appealed to me as an actor (or a person), but I have great admiration for Paul Michael Glaser.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    No, not a fan ever. And the fashions hurt my eyes.

    The movie starred the odious Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

      1. Todd Mason

        Well, as you might intuit, the STARSKY AND HUTCH film was a parody. As a non-hater of either Wilson or Stiller, I thought pleasantly mediocre when I would land on it on cable, but it’s another I’ve never sat all the way through.

        Never did watch the series much back when…perhaps Soul in HERE COME THE BRIDES had put me off sufficiently. Now, GET CHRISTIE LOVE…as someone just entering puberty in the mid ’70s, that had a more built-in appeal…

  3. Patti abbott

    I don’t think I ever saw an episode. We were trying to keep the kids away from violent shows by not watching them Did a lot of good, right? A crime writer and a prosecutor. It seeped in somehow.

      1. Todd Mason

        In a violent world. No human society is untouched…even if we have the disposable income for Way too many guns, until we go broke paying for the graft that keeps the privately-owned prisons running.

  4. James Reasoner

    Livia and I were dating when this was on and nearly always watched it together at her parents’ house. It was one of my favorite shows. I remember being disappointed when the paperbacks by “Max Franklin”, who was really Richard Deming, I think, were just novelizations of various episodes. I wanted original novels about the characters. I watched part of the first season on DVD a while back and it didn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped, but the episodes were still watchable.

  5. Cap'n Bob

    I saw a few episodes and decided it was crap. I later learned that Huggy Bear was a Hubbardite so there’s no appeal to me for this show.

  6. Wolf Böhrendt

    We didn’t get these shows in Germany in the 70s – we were lucky to have at least “The streets of San Francisco” …
    We only had three or four tv channels and there was a lot of competition between the shows/series!
    Nowadays with dozens or even hundreds of channels it’s different – even here in Hungary you get almost everything that ever appeared in US tv or on the big screen, though my wife says the synchronisation is often horrible …
    So I’m totally at a loss when my American friends talk about their favourites there – I don’t know a thing about them.

    Anyway I’m more a book person – and US books you could get …


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