David Litt’s story of going from his room at his parents’ house to working in the White House as a speech writer shows the power of persistence. Litt’s inspiring story tracks the Obama Administration, both the highs and the lows. I found Litt’s descriptions of how the Obama Administration worked fascinating reading. As twenty-somthing David Litt moves up the meritocracy, he finds himself writing important speeches for the President. I found the speech writing process interesting, too. There’s plenty of humor in Thanks, Obama. And a few moments when your eyes will tear up. If you’re fan of the former President, you’ll enjoy all the details of life in the White House. Do you miss Obama? GRADE: A
Table of Contents
A Note Regarding Facts ix
Introduction: Arugula on Air Force One 1
Part 1 Obamabot
1 The Rapture 11
2 How to Not Land a White House Job 27
3 Cleared to Work 47
4 The Corridors of Power 67
5 The Salmon in the Toilet 87
6 Is Obama Toast? 107
7 Going Eastwood 127
8 That First Real Taste of Blood 147
Part 2 Our (Teensy) Place in History
9 Hitler and Lips 167
10 Juice in Purgatory 187
11 The Holy War 207
12 In the Barrel 227
13 Bucket 247
14 The Big Rock Candy Mountain 269
15 The Finish Line 287
Epilogue: Squishing the Scorpion 297
Acks 309


  1. Deb

    “Do you miss Obama?”

    That’s a trick question, right?

    Oh no, I don’t miss having a thoughtful, intelligent, contemplative, humorous, perceptive, balanced, steady person at the helm of government. Not at all.

  2. Maggie mason

    I’m sure most people miss Obama. I sure do. I hope all those people who couldn’t bear to vote for Hillary are proud of themselves. I didn’t like her, and supported Bernie Sanders because I knew she was the only way to avoid the circus that we now have in the white house, though it’s really more of a train wreck with the potential to end life on earth via a nuclear war.

    At my recent HS reunion, we didn’t talk politics except for one guy who said give him (the turd) time to do his job. I asked how long it should take to stop making his MAGA products and Ivanka’s clothing line out of the country. got no response.

    1. george Post author

      Maggie, I know a lot of people who voted for Third Parties because they thought Hillary had the Election “in the bag.” They regret they votes now.

  3. Michael Padgett

    Trump not only makes me miss Obama, he’s making me miss Bush. Even Nixon! Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the GOP is becoming The Pedophile Party.

  4. wolf

    And the good news is that you all agree re Obama/Trump – we on the other side of the pond just look on …

    A bit OT (but not too much):
    I just rediscovered a song by Chicago – Lowdown – and have been playing it really loud in the car all day:
    Oh my
    Life has passed me by
    The country I was brought up in
    Fell apart and died
    Oh no
    Love’s no longer there
    Cold wind blew away the sun
    That used to warm the air
    Ooo! Feelin’ pretty bad
    Feelin’ like I lost the best friend
    That I ever had
    Ooo! Got to find a way
    Got to make the people see
    The way I feel today

    I remembered it because our dog had to be put to sleep but then I realised that it describes the USA …


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