THE ART OF ROBERT E. MCGINNIS with an Introduction by Art Scott

Robert McGinnis - The Art of Robert E McGinnis_FINAL
We’ve all been waiting for The Art of Robert E. McGinnis since the book was announced. When I was a teenager, I was drawn to paperbacks that featured stylish, sophisticated women. I finally figured out the cover artist was Robert McGinnis. And, yes, I started buying some paperbacks simply to have the gorgeous McGinnis covers (the Carter Brown series is one example).

Of course, unknown to me, there was someone who was even a bigger McGinnis fan than I was: Art Scott. Today, Art has a complete collection of McGinnis paperbacks (and some movie posters). No one was more qualified to write the 10,000 word introduction to The Art of Robert E. McGinnis than Art Scott (who has some glorious McGinnis originals hanging on his walls!).

If you’re a fan of Robert McGinnis artwork, this new collection is a must-buy. There are rumors that another collection may be in the works (if published, I’ll buy it!). McGinnis is one of the great paperback artists. This book belongs in every serious collector’s library. Magnificent! GRADE: A+

17 thoughts on “THE ART OF ROBERT E. MCGINNIS with an Introduction by Art Scott

  1. Dan

    Everyone just naturally looks at the women in McGinnis’ pics, but did you ever notice the guys all look like George Kelley?

  2. Cap'n Bob

    Mine is due Monday. I hope he remembered to list me in the Thanks section for advising him of a McG he didn’t know about. That’s my contribution to this monumental work.


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