THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER By Jenny Colgan [Audio Book, 7 CDs]

First off, there is no “bookshop on the corner.” Nina Redmond is a librarian in Birmingham, England whose job has been eliminated when the library system downsizes. Nina decides to follow her dream of starting a bookstore. But, she has very little money so she settles for buying a big van and turning it into a mobile book shop. Nina is unlucky in love, but somewhat lucky in the bookselling business. What Nina has going for her is her love of books.

First published in England as The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After, Jenny Colgan’s romance novel is competently narrated by Lucy Price-Lewis. Normally, I don’t read (or listen) to novels like this, but I was drawn in by Nina’s love for books. Yes, at times the plot gets a little soapy, but the various characters and the occasionally humorous plot keeps things moving. If you’re in the mood for the adventures of a romantic book-lover, check this novel out. GRADE: B

13 thoughts on “THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER By Jenny Colgan [Audio Book, 7 CDs]

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Lost me at romance novel. Can’t listen to audio books. My mind keeps drifting away and I am forever having to backtrack . Or falling asleep. I can fall asleep everywhere but bed.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I’ve only listened to two audio books ever, both of which I loved, but even then I found myself having to go back for things I missed when my mind wandered, (If you care, they were MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL and ANGELA’S ASHES, the latter read by Frank McCourt.) I know this got good reviews but it probably isn’t for me.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, Diane and I listened to THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER while we prepared and ate lunch. We listened to a disc a day (roughly an hour) and in a week we were done.

  3. Deb

    Although my husband is an avid listener to audiobooks (he has a much longer daily commute than I have), the only time I listen to them is when we’re on long road trips.

    I guess you don’t read too many romance novels, George, because heroines who work in or who own bookstores or who are librarians is one of the genre’s standard tropes.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, Diane listens to audio books while she irons clothes or prepares meals. I sometimes listen in if the narrator is good and the subject intrigues me. Next up for listening: DI VINCI (14 discs!).

  4. maggie Mason

    I love audio books but the Subaru doesn’t have (or I haven’t found) a way to back up other than the entire track that said, that is where I listen to books I would not take the time to read

  5. wolf

    My wife and I both prefer to read – either a real book/magazine or an ebook.
    Anyway since our main languages are different I could only listen to an audiobook when I’m alone – and that doesn’t happen so often.
    “Romance” aka Kitsch is not for us anyway – my wife often switches off a tv show because it’s too kitschy and the same goes for most Hollywood films that are shown here on tv.


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