THE DEVIL’S DOOR By Sharan Newman

the devil's door
The Devil’s Door is the second book in Sharan Newman’s Catherine LaVendeur series of medieval mysteries. Set in the 12th Century, Catherine investigates the beating death of the wife of a local Count. But one death leads to another as various forces vie for the land the death woman left to the Paraclete convent. Why is this undeveloped land so sought after? Why is it so valuable to so many powerful nobles? I enjoyed Sharan Newman’s first Catherine LaVendeur Macavity Award winning mystery, Death Comes as Epiphany (1993). The Devil’s Door is just as good. GRADE: B+

4 thoughts on “THE DEVIL’S DOOR By Sharan Newman

  1. George Kelley

    Patti, Rick Robinson recommended Sharan Newman’s historical mysteries. I’ve enjoyed them and I’m busy tracking down the rest of the books in the series.

  2. George Kelley

    Rick, I enjoyed THE DEVIL’S DOOR more than the first book, too. I ordered the third book, THE WANDERING ARM, and hope to read it as soon as the semester ends next week.


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