THE GOOD PARTS By Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer is an entertaining pop singer whose music is light and frothy. The Good Parts is Grammer’s third album. Andy Grammer came out in 2011 and Magazines and Novels was released in 2014. I think The Good Parts is better than those two early albums. Grammer’s infectious “Fresh Eyes” hit Number Nine and his latest single, “Smoke Clears” is moving up the charts. There’s not a lot of contemporary pop music music I find enjoyable, but these songs are music to my ears. Check out the video below. GRADE: B+
1. Smoke Clears 2:58
2. Freeze 3:07
3. The Good Parts 3:39
4. Spaceship 3:00
5. Fresh Eyes 3:18
6. 85 . 3:22
7. Always 3:02
8. Workin On It . 3:34
9. Grown Ass Man Child 3:08
10. This Ain’t Love 3:25
11. Civil War 3:25
12. Grow 3:07
13. Give Love (feat. LunchMoney Lewis) 3:27

14 thoughts on “THE GOOD PARTS By Andy Grammer

    1. george Post author

      Patti, Diane and I have free Sirius/XM Radio on our vehicles. When I driving around running errands, I sometimes listen to their contemporary pop music channels. That’s where I heard Andy Grammer.

      1. george Post author

        Maggie, a lot of contemporary pop stars show up on DANCING WITH THE STARS and similar programs. It’s about their only platform other than touring.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, I feel sorry for young musicians. How do the make it today when no one buys CDs much any more. And Spotify pays only a fraction of a cent for each download.

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    By the way, off topic but, we rented DUNKIRK yesterday, and in general I agree with you that it was a disappointment (though well made). The beginning was a mess, the guys running away were generally boring and there was much too much time given to their stories, it was often hard (especially with the minimum of dialogue) to tell one character from another. Also, besides the whole thing of a couple of thousand soldiers (maybe) supposedly standing in for 400,000, for nearly the entire movie it looked like Mark Rylance’s boat was the only one out there! Suddenly, when they got to Dunkirk you saw a whole lot more, but for most of the crossing it was just them and the occasional destroyer that got blown up and a few planes.

    Again, Jackie liked it more than I did, and it did improve for me as it went out, but every time it went back to Harry Styles & co. I was bored and annoyed. Who cares what they’re doing? Not me. I can’t really understand the critics who thought it was the best movie of the year, let alone one of the best war movies ever. And did Kenneth Branagh ever leave, or was he still there when the Germans arrived?

  2. Rick Robinson

    Ugh. If that’s what passes for pop music these days, I’m glad I’m not listening. We listen to OPR (Oregon Public Radio, the national public feed), and a classical music station (listener supported) when we’re in the car.

    1. George Kelley

      Rick, yes Andy Grammer is what passes for pop music these days (along with a lot of rappers). Our local NPR station plays jazz on the weekends and we have a classical music radio station, too.

  3. Steve Oerkfitz

    Not familiar with him. Sounds a little like Ed Sheeran who I do like. But I find most contemporary pop music uninteresting. Still a rock fan at heart.
    I also was disappointed with Dunkirk. Loved the visuals but not the lack of narrative.

  4. Cap'n Bob

    Not interested in the singer one iota, or just about anyone else who recorded after 1975! I’m also not a fan of Dunkirk! Half way through I didn’t know if I should fall asleep or demand a refund!


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