Michael O’Sullivan argues that power is shifting with the impact of technology and the changing global economy. The World is a risky place and as the U.S. steps away from being the World’s Policeman, China is stepping in to fill the power vacuum. O’Sullivan writes about the rise of crypto-currencies which will change our banking system. There’s a recalibration of trade agreements, alliances, and influence in the world. O’Sullivan sees the U.S. slipping down from the top position.

Demographics also play a role in the shifting status of countries. Robots, manufacturing operations in space, and climate change all impact nations big or small. Yet few governments are planning for the future, most are still stuck in the Past. Falling U.S. birthrates, falling life-expectancy, increasing overdose deaths. Where do you think the U.S. is going? Are things getting better or worse? GRADE: A
Table of Contents:
1 The Levelling 1
Brexit, Trump, Noise, and Disruption
2 The Tide Goes Out 23
Running Out of Breath Economically, Losing Patience Politically
3 What’s Next? 57
Déjà Vu All Over Again
4 The Levellers 81
Agreements of the People
5 Can They Do It? 103
Equality, Accountability, Responsibility
6 Great Countries or Strong Countries? 133
Katherine Chidley’s Dilemma
7 A Westphalia for Finance 167
Learning to Live Without the Central Bank Comfort Blanket
8 A Multipolar World 211
As the World’s GDP Moves Eastward
9 A New World Order 243
Levellers or Leviathans?
10 The Hamilton Project 277
What Would Hamilton Do?
11 Looking Ahead 303
From Noise and Disruption to … What?
Acknowledgments 307
Notes 309
Bibliography 333
Index 343


  1. Jeff Meyerson

    Do you need to ask? We are not slipping but rather plummeting down at a precipitous rate with the low-rent rabble in the White House. It’s scary. Bring back coal, get rid of renewable energy, roll back emission standards, you name it, we’re heading in the wrong direction in every case.

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    1. george Post author

      Deb, I think we’re slouching towards Mar-a-Lago. And, I’m not sure the Mueller testimony will make much of a difference.

  2. wolf

    I don’t know the answer but some of the points are really important:
    Falling birthrates are typical for developed societies and afaik they happen everywhere. They will also arrive in Asia and Africa when the people there get “rich”.
    Falling life-expectancy in the USA came as a big surprise to me – already it is higher in the EU. Maybe one of the reasons is this:
    Increasing overdose deaths aka the opioid crisis. Just a few days ago that US people consume more than 70 billion pills like hydro**** and oxy****., horrible!
    I still remember when the doc who operated on me (had a hernia) gave me one (!) oxy*** – in case my pain was too much for the ibuprofen that I had to take as a precaution and he warned me about it.
    I was lucky that I didn’t need it.
    Btw in Germany you need a special prescription (on red paper) for this and the docs don’t like to write them …
    PS it seems that WP doesn’t like me using these names – I’m trying again.
    To take these dangerous pills regularly …

    1. george Post author

      Wolf, there’s no doubt that excessive use of opioids caused many deaths. Yes, they are addictive. The American drug companies marketed their pain pills aggressively and this is the result.

  3. Beth Fedyn

    I remember my high school and college years when everyone was calling for zero population growth. That’s not working out too well for China.
    Falling life expectancy? If the MAGA folks and millenials are the wave of America’s future, I wouldn’t mind checking out early.

    1. george Post author

      Beth, as Wolf pointed out, opioid overdoses are part of the reason for falling life expectancy in the U.S. With more robots, few humans will be needed.


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