Thrilling Wonder Stories published Leigh Brackett’s Sea Kings of Mars in the June 1949 issue. In 1953, ACE BOOKS published Sea Kings of Mars under the title of The Sword of Rhiannon (as half of an ACE DOUBLE with Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Conqueror on the flip side). PLANET STORIES should be praised for bringing back Leigh Brackett’s classic novels, especially this wild adventure of time travel, epic warfare, and alien super-science. There’s a cruel, beautiful princess, a crafty archeologist, and the evil reptilian Dhuvians in Leigh Brackett’s breathtaking story. They just don’t write books like this any more, sadly.

14 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #21: THE SWORD OF RHIANNON By Leigh Brackett

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    That reminds me of the Fleetwood Mac concert we saw last night.

    Otherwise, I got nothing.


    1. george Post author

      Scott, THE SWORD OF RHIANNON is a terrific read. Start there and if you really like Leigh Brackett’s style (and I’m betting you will) seek out her other wonderful books reprinted by PLANET STORIES.

  2. Todd Mason

    If you find you don’t like her adventure fiction, though I doubt you won’t, you might still want to try THE LONG TOMORROW, among her sf. Then there’s her cf and her western fiction…this is the woman who wrote the scripts for Altman-directed THE LONG GOODBYE and (with collaborators who might not’ve done much of the heavy lifting) the Bogart-starring THE BIG SLEEP…

  3. Drongo Kane

    Intensity, action, vivid colors, romantic imagination, sense of wonder, a plot that moves, and no padding. All the qualities that I want in a science fiction novel, and Ms. Brackett amply delivers.

    If only more fiction was like this.

  4. Drongo Kane

    Dunno if I’d recommend THE LONG TOMORROW right off the bat. A good novel, but very atypical among her science fiction.

    Although it doesn’t get mentioned much, THE BIG JUMP is pretty good. Quite moody.

  5. Rick Robinson

    I have that Ace Double, haven’t read either side in years. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure where it is, but around here somewhere. Sigh, I suppose now I’ll have to spend the day looking for it. The last time I did that, I came up with about 20 things I suddenly HAD to read…

    1. george Post author

      Many people consider CONAN THE CONQUEROR & THE SWORD OF RHIANNON the best ACE DOUBLE ever published. I’ve seen it for sale at paperback shows for $100.


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