The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series in Blu-ray format includes all 156 episodes on 24 discs. That’s nearly 4,500 minutes of entertainment! If you’re a fan of The Twilight Zone, you’ll love the audio commentaries, the rare unofficial pilot episode “The Time Element,” and Original unaired pilot version of “Where is Everybody?” I loved Rod Serling’s network pitch, as well as numerous audio commentaries and interviews, Rod Serling’s audio lectures, promos for “next week’s” show, radio dramas, sponsor billboards, and isolated music scores. Great box set! What’s your favorite TWILIGHT ZONE episode?
Special Features
Features Stunning Brand-New High-Definition Transfers
Twilight Zone Radio Dramas
Video Interviews
Conversations with Rod Serling
Highlights from the Museum of Television and Radio seminar
Isolated Music Scores
Twilight Zone Billboards
Twilght Zone Stills
George Clayton Johnson Home Movies
Rod Serling Blooper Reel
Genesee Beer spot
Saturday Night Live Clip
Twilight Zone Comic Book
Complete script for Twenty-Two with Serling’s handwritten notes


  1. Jeff Meyerson

    I’ve seen the set (DVD, not Blu-Ray) in Costco but still haven’t quite pulled the trigger on it yet. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we do.

  2. Richard R.

    That’s 75 hours! Who on earth has time to watch 75 hours of TW or anything? I loved Twilight Zone, but could’t imagine watching all of it over. Still, on a DVD (regular, HD or Blu-Ray), it should be easy to find a particular episode. I bet it’s expensive.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, these box sets have many prices online. I bought my set for $99. And I’ll find time during the bitterly cold winter nights to watch the complete TWILIGHT ZONE.

  3. Prashant C. Trikannad

    George, I remember this series well and I might have watched a handful of episodes though I can’t say where (probably on cable) or when. I like it that box sets like these come with a lot more than just the episodes.

  4. Todd Mason

    You know, one of the most annoying things about TZ to me might just be the laziness of too many of the fans…who never seem to remember that Lynn Venable wrote the short story “Time Enough at Last” is based on, and certainly don’t credit Damon Knight for “To Serve Man”…or Jerome Bixby for “It’s a GOOD LIfe…” Well, the most annoying thing about the series itself were episodes where a man is chased around his house by an electric razor, and the like. But some of the Charles Beaumont episodes, particularly, help me forgive the former.

    Mike Stamm pointed out to the Horror list at IU that Amazon is selling the episodes-only dvd box for a Deep discount…clearance, perhaps!

  5. Roy Bobbin Hovey

    I’ve had the complete collection on VHS for years. When the VCR dies, I’ll catch one once and a while on Netflix (streaming) where several are available.
    Several favorites, and perhaps in this case I’m thinking of an Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but I love the one about the detectives at the ladies house investigating
    the disappearance of her husband. He’s cut up and in the freezer until she invites them to stay for dinner…

      1. Roy Bobbin Hovey

        Cool! Oh, and Hi George! Long time… I just saw the link on Bill’s blog, and am now happy
        to be able to follow your GREAT reviews once again.
        Be Well.

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