If you’ve seen Shaun of the Dead (zombie apocalypse movie) or Hot Fuzz (cop movie pastiche), you know what you’re in for in The World’s End: wacky British humor. The same group was involved in all three movies: Edgar Wright (director) and Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, and a zany cast of extras. Five friends meet to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years ago. But they discover everything isn’t as it Should Be. If you’re in the mood for an off-beat humorous action movie, give The World’s End a try. Check out the trailer below. GRADE: B+

11 thoughts on “THE WORLD’S END

  1. The Right Reverend Cap'n Bob Napier

    Th is whole zombie/vampire movement has no appeal to me, and the idea of going to the theater even less. And stay the hell off my lawn.

  2. R.K. Robinson

    “Silly fun”? I’ll pass. Hey I just saved $7, maybe I can buy a book (one of those things with words in ink on paper, if you remember those). It will last more then a couple of hours, too.

    Oh and forgive Bob’s bad temper, he has undead gophers under that lawn. They come out at night…


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