THINKING, FAST & SLOW By Daniel Kahneman

Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman writes about how to make better decisions. Based on thirty years of research, Kahneman says our minds operate in two modes: System 1 and System 2. System 1 is fast, intuitive, and emotional. It developed through evolution to keep us alive when quick, life-and-death decisions needed to be made. But we also have System 2, which slower, deliberative, logical, and rational. Kahneman suggests that many times we don’t allow System 2 to operate. We make snap decisions based on flawed System 1 thinking. System 2 can also be lazy and ignorant. We have to work to develop System 2 skills. That’s where education comes in. I found this book fascinating. Although it’s dense with research findings, Kahneman provides real-life examples and illustrates the main concepts. Thinking, Fast & Slow is wonderfully insightful and worth pondering long after you finish it. GRADE: A

6 thoughts on “THINKING, FAST & SLOW By Daniel Kahneman

    1. george Post author

      Don’t feel bad, Bill. Kahneman says most people are ruled by System 1 and that’s where a lot of problems occur. He argues that taking more time to make a decision allows System 2 to come up with a much better solution.

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    We have a fundamental difference here – Jackie operates almost always on System 1 while I tend more to System 2.


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