But this is NOT an April Fools joke. A Rochester doughnut shop actually sold hundreds of these Dr. Fauci doughnuts! What’s your favorite doughnut?


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Chocolate covered or a jelly filled ( strawberry or raspberry). Haven’t had a doughnut for over a year. Being diabetic they play havoc with my blood sugar and I can’t each just one.

    1. george Post author

      Steve, Diane and I treat ourselves to a cream-filled Chocolate Doughnut each month. After devouring the doughnut, I immediately go to the Pool and try to burn off the calories to get my glucose number down.

      1. george Post author

        Rick, the Pool is shut down because of the coronavirus. I’m walking around in my basement each day. Diane goes outside, but she doesn’t have the seasonal allergies that I have.

  2. Michael Padgett

    And I have a cure for Trump–it involves a 50 point increase in the IQs of American voters. Anyone who submits to the required surgery will get a free box of Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts, my favorite.

      1. Michael Padgett

        Probably not, Maggie. Make it 50 points for the Bernie Bros and 100 for the Trumpets.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Jackie loves jelly donuts. I prefer cake donuts (which she tells me are more fattening, but since I eat maybe one a year it might as well be one I like, right?), like ones with crumb on top. In the picture, I would basically eat any of them other than the one in the bottom left with the dried fruit. Preference: #1 is the one at the top right, next to Dr. Fauci. Looks delicious.

  4. Deb

    If only Trump’s election and presidency could be written off as an April Fool’s joke gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    Donuts have to be warm, fresh from the fryer/icer, or they just taste like greasy, sweet dough. I like them…but I try not to eat them.

    Although Trump did not actually claim to have cured corona virus, he did make unsubstantiated claims for hydroxycholoriquine. There have been no studies to back this up. The drug does help people with lupus…but now they can’t get the drug because it’s being diverted to corona treatment. Typical Trump: unsubstantiated claims followed by real, substantiated pain for many.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, I have a friend who has lupus and has been on hydroxycholoriquine for 20 years. He built up a stock of pills as soon as the coronavirus struck, but he’s worried that if this lasts more than a couple of months, his supply will be exhausted.

    2. Jeff Meyerson

      Yes, but Deb, he “had a feeling.” Shouldn’t that be good enough?

      I read something the other day by a guy in Queens bemoaning the name and asking why it couldn’t have the name of a different Queens neighborhood than Corona.

      1. wolf

        Totally OT re Corona:
        We had one of our most interesting days there – visiting the Louis Armstrong House and eating in the now Hispanic neighbourhood.
        My wife was especially moved – she had somehow found the money and managed many years ago to visit the (only?) Budapest concert by Satchmo in Communist Hungary …
        Fond memories …

    3. maggie mason

      a friend from high school sent a video from a trump fan dr saying how that will cure the virus. he referenced the orange virus in the wh. I wonder how many people will try it, maybe instead of a real treatment, just because the orange one talked it up.

      It would be nice if only people who voted for him, or still support him would get it, those who still go to his rallies and the evangelical churches with hordes of people

  5. maggie mason

    I like warm krispy kreme glazed donuts. I generally like interesting flavors, we have (had?) boutique donut shops, which I would occasionally go to. Sometimes ralphs (kroger) has a dozen glazed cake donuts for $2 marked down. I’ll get them and put in the freezer for an occasional breakfast treat.

    I do like chocolate glazed, and cream filled, never was a fan of jelly filled. the chocolate one shown and the one with creme on top look good

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    There was a little local coffee place across the street from our favorite burger place (Burger Bistro). About once a month we’d get a burger – along the line we switched to grilled chicken cutlets on the bun instead of beef – with sweet potato strings for me and salad for Jackie. Yum. I had grilled mushrooms and onion and tomato on mine. Then we’d cross the street to the coffee place and get one of their huge, fresh donuts – mocha was in the name, and it had bit stuck in it. Jackie always gave me 2/3 of it. All of a sudden last year, they suddenly stopped carrying donuts in favor of the more trendy ‘macarons.’ Are you kidding me? But worse was yet to come. We hadn’t been to Burger Bistro in three or four weeks and went to eat there one day, only to discover than in the short time since we’d been there, the restaurant had closed, been stripped to the floorboards, and a totally other and uninteresting (to us) place had opened in its place! WTF? With all the empty storefronts I couldn’t believe how quickly they had been transformed.

  7. George Kelley

    Jeff, sadly many, many, many more restaurants will close forever after the coronavirus pandemic. Americans will be traumatized by the body count and it will be a long time before they will feel comfortable enough to “mingle” again. That’s death for restaurants, concerts, Broadway plays, and any other business that relies on crowds of people.

  8. Jeff Meyerson

    We bought a bunch of concert tickets when we were in Florida but you’re right. Who is going to feel comfortable in a crowded theater, let alone a bigger arena, in the foreseeable future? Not me. And yet instead of canceling and refunding the money, they are playing games with rescheduling for the Fall where they can. We had one concert three weeks from now – John Fogerty – and if you look at Live Nation or the venue’s site, you would think it was still on and selling tickets. Only Fogerty’s own website says it is postponed. We have others starting two months later that won’t happen either. Just bite the bullet, admit the truth, refund the money, and hope people will come next time.

  9. Cap'n Bob Napier

    I like Bismarcks! They’re like a jelly doughnut but with custard filling and chocolate on top!


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