TURN COAT By Jim Butcher

Turn Coat is the 11th book in the Harry Dresden series. As a Wizard and Private Detective, Dresden’s life is never dull. This book opens with a surprise visitor to Dresden’s home. The events that flow from this incident lead Dresden into an investigation into a possible traitor in the White Council of Wizards.

As Dresden gets closer to the identity of the traitor, he’s attacked by a snakewalker (who also has the ability to be a shapeshifter). After one of Dresden’s allies is killed by the snakewalker, Dresden decides on setting a trap that will expose the traitor. But, the almost invincible snakewalker shows up in another ground-shaking battle at the book’s conclusion.

While the battle scenes are always impressive in the Harry Dresden books, Turn Coat focuses on Dresden’s investigatory skills in exposing the traitor and the Dark Forces manipulating the action. Great story-telling! GRADE: A

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    1. george Post author

      Jerry, you would enjoy the Harry Dresden books. The pages fly bye and deliver entertaining stories. Of course, you might not want to binge on the series like I am. Spacing the novels out would be more satisfying.


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