Tanya Huff is best known for her urban vampire novels, so Valor’s Choice came as a surprise to me. Carl V. recommended this SF military novel. Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr and a combat platoon are sent as an honor guard to an alien planet where delicate diplomatic negotiations are taking place. This was supposed to be a symbolic mission, but when their ship is hit with missiles and crash-lands in a dangerous area of the planet, the survivors are thrust into a situation similar to Michael Caine in Zulu. I was impressed as Torin Kerr keeps her Marines alive as thousands of alien warriors attack their tiny redoubt. If you’re a fan of military science fiction, you’ll enjoy this action-filled adventure. Carl has more to say about Tanya Huff’s series here.

8 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #150: VALOR’S CHOICE By Tanya Huff

  1. Cap'n Bob

    I loved ZULU, and that cover reminds me of the movie. If I ever run across this in a used book store I’ll get it. (Yeah, Mr. Big Spender.)

  2. Carl V.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the book, George. I got the Zulu vibe when reading it as well. It was a particularly effective story, especially at the end where a lot of action happens fast and furious, if I remember correctly.

    I’ve enjoyed the next two books in the series (all I’ve read so far) but none have been quite as good as this first one.

    1. george Post author

      I have the second book in the series, THE BETTER PART OF VALOR, Carl. I plan on reading it soon. Thanks again for the recommendation!

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Sounds interesting. I know her Toronto-set vampire books but I was aware she’s written other things. I have a couple of them sitting here unread of course.


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