I saw the movie version of Waitress back in 2007 when it starred Keri Russell as the woman who could bake incredible pies. Of course, the waitress has problems: an abusive husband and a baby on the way. In 2013, Waitress was turned into a musical with music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles, and a book by Jessie Nelson. The musical opened on Broadway in 2015 (Diane and her friends saw it). Now, the touring company arrived in Buffalo and played to sold-out performances. I like Sara Bareilles’s songs, some more than others. My favorite songs in Waitress: The Musical are “Bad Idea” and “I Didn’t Plan It.” This is an amiable musical. Of course, you hate the waitress’s abusive husband and cheer for her to turn her life around. You’ll also enjoy her quirky friends. If Waitress: The Musical shows up in your neighborhood, I recommend you go to see it. And, you can also enjoy the movie! GRADE: A-
Act I
“What’s Inside” – Jenna and Company
“Opening Up” – Jenna, Becky, Dawn, Cal and Company
“The Negative” – Becky, Dawn and Jenna
“What Baking Can Do” – Jenna and Company
“Club Knocked Up” – Nurse Norma and Female Ensemble
“Pomatter Pie” – Band †
“When He Sees Me” – Dawn, Jenna, Becky and Company
“It Only Takes a Taste” – Dr. Pomatter and Jenna
“You Will Still Be Mine” – Earl and Jenna
“A Soft Place to Land” – Jenna, Becky and Dawn
“Never Ever Getting Rid of Me” – Ogie, Dawn and Company
“Bad Idea” – Jenna, Dr. Pomatter and Company
Act II
“I Didn’t Plan It” – Becky
“Bad Idea” (Reprise) – Jenna, Dr. Pomatter, Becky, Cal, Dawn, Ogie and Company
“You Matter to Me” – Dr. Pomatter and Jenna
“I Love You Like a Table” – Ogie, Dawn and Company
“Take It From an Old Man” – Joe and Company
“Dear Baby” – Jenna †
“She Used to Be Mine” – Jenna
“Contraction Ballet” – Jenna and Company †
“Everything Changes” – Jenna, Becky, Dawn and Company
“Opening Up” (Finale) – Company

11 thoughts on “WAITRESS: THE MUSICAL

  1. maggie Mason

    I’ve got time for a couple of plays when Beth & I go to NYC for the Harry Potter day of plays, so this might make the list. The one for sure is The Play That Goes Wrong.

    glad you liked it.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Jackie has COME FROM AWAY at the top of her list, plus THE BAND’s VISIT (we loved the movie). We already have our tickets for BOOK OF MORMON and ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE (which Maggie saw in San Diego). WAITRESS is a maybe. We liked the movie. Sara Bareilles went into the musical herself for a while on Broadway last year.

    Maggie, I’m surprised that is on your list (THE PLAY THAT WENT WRONG). I know it was a hit in London, but the Times didn’t like it. It sounds like a less funny NOISES OFF wannabe. It is available regularly (if you don’t mind the mezzanine) for $41 on TDF. I’d recommend spending $47 for BEAUTIFUL instead.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, we loved COME FROM AWAY! We may go see it when it reopens in Toronto later this year. Loved BOOK OF MORMON, too. I think you and Jackie would enjoy WAITRESS. It’s fun!

    2. maggie Mason

      I’m even considering seeing margaritaville again they’ve added another song, but that would be a 3rd time, and a bit much

      Other years, I’ve got way more shows I really want to see this year, not so much


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