I have to thank Bill Crider for alerting me to this fabulous bargain: 40TH ANNIVERSARY REVISITED [3-Blu-ray Set] for merely $5.00! An amazing bargain! Now, AMAZON has raised the price back to $14,99 (still not a bad price). Some people consider Woodstock to be the best rock & roll documentary ever. Look at the list of performers: Joan Baez, Canned Heat, Joe Cocker & The Grease Band, Country Joe McDonald & Country Joe & The Fish, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Santana, John Sebastian, Sha Na Na, Sly & The Family Stone, Ten Years After, and The Who.

And how about the songs: “Long Time Gone”, “Going Up the Country”, “Wooden Ships”, “Handsome Johnny”, “Freedom”, “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”, “A Change Is Gonna Come”, “Joe Hill”, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “See Me, Feel Me”, “Summertime Blues”, “At the Hop”, “With a Little Help from My Friends”, “Crowd Rain Chant”, “Rock and Soul Music”, “Coming Into Los Angeles”, “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”, “I’m Going Home”, “Saturday Afternoon”, “Won’t You Try”, “Uncle Sam’s Blues”, “Younger Generation”, “The Fish Cheer/Feel-Like-I’m-Fixing-to-Die-Rag”, “Soul Sacrifice”, “Dance to the Music”, “I Want to Take You Higher”, “Work Me, Lord”, “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”, “The Star-Spangled Banner”, “Purple Haze”, “Woodstock Improvisation”, “Villanova Junction”, “Woodstock”, and “Find the Cost of Freedom.”

This classic documentary looks great in Blu-ray, too! What group or performer at Woodstock is a favorite of yours? GRADE: A

28 thoughts on “WOODSTOCK: 40TH ANNIVERSARY REVISITED [3-Blu-ray Set]

  1. Cap'n Bob

    I remember when I saw the movie! I was floored! Ah, George, it would have been nice to know about this $9.99 ago!

  2. Deb

    How is “Woodstock” (the song) on “Woodstock” (the soundtrack)? The song was written after the event.

    Based on my hazy memory of the soundtrack (I haven’t listened to it in decades), I always liked Crosby, Stills, and Nash introducing Neil Young who then launches into “Sea of Madness”. And I also liked Arlo Guthrie singing “Coming into Los Angeles” (the drug references were lost on my early teen self: why doesn’t he want the customs agent to look at his keys?).

      1. maggie mason

        There was a great pbs show on arlo about a year ago. His son played in the band. Coming into Los Angeles is my favorite song of his. I got the reference to drugs. I also watched Alice’s Restaurant a couple of years ago. It held up ok.

        This is one CD set I would have been all over. If it’s ever $5 again, pls let me know. thanks

        My favorite was the Fish Cheer and Going up the Country.

    1. george Post author

      Prashant, WOODSTOCK captures the spirit of the 1960s in America. The music is iconic and the documentary is a classic. To get this set for $5 was an incredible bargain!

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    So many great moments:

    Santana, Soul Sacrifice
    Ten Years After, I’m Going Home
    Joe Cocker, A Little Help From My Friends
    Sly & the Family Stone, I Want to Take You Higher

    Then there was the stoned Port-o-San guy (“Far out!”) and so many other moments. I’ve never been able to spot my brother, but he was definitely there.

    I’m sure we didn’t pay $5 as we got it a while ago, but whatever we paid it was worth it.

    1. george Post author

      Patti, I wish Patrick was around. We could make a quick road trip to Detroit and set up a wonderful Blu-ray/DVD player for you! Unfortunately, GOOGLE-LAND is far, far away.

  4. wolfi

    Now I’m surprised!

    I bought this “director’s cut” last december as a Xmas present for my wife but it’s only 2 Blurays – plus copies of articles, from LIFE magazine e g with lots of pictures …

    All in all 9 hours including of course not only music but lots of documentation, quite interesting for an old hippie couple like us – yes, I still remember this from our first visit to the USA, 9 years ago in Novmber 2008 when Hungarians could travel for the first time without a visa (the ESTA program) and we walked along Lincoln road in Miami Beach …
    Some guy looked at us and called out: Look at the old hippies!
    It was really funny – just the day before we had bought a lot of vintage Levi’s and Wrangler clothes at Sawgrass Mills and we proudly wore those Western shirts and jeans etc …

    And not too much OT:
    My wife enjoyed that trip so much that she asked me: Can we fly again, maybe to NYC?

    So in March 2009 I found cheap flights to Newark airport, a “cheap” hotel too for the first weekend in Secaucus (just across the river from Manhattan), a room in Niagara Falls (Canada) and again an inexpensive room for the next weekend in a hotel on Water st, near Wall St …

    And as we drove back from Niagara Falls through the mountains of New Jersey I suddenly saw a sign: Bethel Woods – and I remembered …

    So I asked my wife: Would you like to see the place where “Woodstock” happened?

    She looked at me kind of surprised – It was here in the woods? Of course!

    So we went and visited the very nice and well done museum and stood on the “sacred ground” and imagined those hundreds of thousands of music fans 30 years ago …

    Love and peace!

    1. maggie mason

      Great Story, Wolfi. I’d love to make the trip there and see the museum. Maybe an Old Girls trip, which should also include Old Guys.

      I have to say with all the immigration nonsense, I’m glad Bouchercon is in Canada this year. though since Southwest doesn’t fly to Canada, Nancy and I are going to fly to Buffalo and rent a car to drive to Canada. We couldn’t get the nights we wanted at the convention hotel, so maybe Woodstock is doable, though I’m sure Nancy wasn’t into that.

    1. george Post author

      Beth, I almost went to Woodstock. But I was working at a Goodyear plant in Niagara Falls as a Summer worker so I couldn’t get the time off.

  5. Rick Robinson

    I first saw the film at the Port Theater in Corona Del Mar. CDM is just south of Newport, and north of Laguna Beach, on the coast. The Port Theater is right on Pacific Coast Highway and is an old, small movie house. It had installed an upgraded sound system for the movie, which ran there for a couple of months! I went back a week or so later and saw it a second time, that time I was (ahem) slightly consciousness altered… and it was even better. The film was shown on one of the music TV channels, uncut, a year or so ago

    Arlo was so young then, but weren’t they all, and weren’t we. Crosby, Stills and Nash was then and still is one of my very favorite groups. Those are CDs I still play often.

  6. Cap'n Bob

    I don’t remember seeing this on Bill’s blog, either! But then, there’s a lot I don’t remember these days!

    I liked At the Hop! Sha na na was a good group when they weren’t treating the fifties like it was a joke!


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