Sade: Bring Me Home, Live 2011 is a bit of a mixed bag. If you’re hoping to hear “Smooth Operator” or “The Sweetest Taboo” you’re out of luck. Sade sings mostly songs from her latest CD, Soldier of Love. The music is good, but not great. If you’re a casual Sade fan you might prefer one of the GREATEST HITS compilations. A DVD and Blu-ray of this concert is also available, but I didn’t buy it. GRADE: B
1. Soldier Of Love (Live 2011) 6:17
2. Skin (Live 2011) 3:57
3. Kiss Of Life (Live 2011) 5:03
4. Love Is Found (Live 2011) 4:04
5. In Another Time (Live 2011) 4:34
6. Jezebel (Live 2011) 6:57
7. All About Our Love (Live 2011) 2:38
8. Paradise / Nothing Can Come Between Us (Live 2011) 6:22
9. Morning Bird (Live 2011) 4:39
10. The Moon and The Sky (Live 2011) 4:28
11. No Ordinary Love (Live 2011) 5:50
12. By Your Side (Live 2011) 4:53
13. Cherish The Day (Live 2011)

8 thoughts on “SADE: BRING ME HOME, LIVE 2011

  1. Deb

    I agree–save your money for a greatest hits package. Although I love “Kiss of Life” and “No Ordinary Love,” you can find those–and Sade’s other big hits from the 80s and 90s–and her Greatest Hits CD.

    1. george Post author

      BRING ME HOME–LIVE 2011 is a CD only a hard-core Sade fan needs to own, Deb. The GREATEST HITS packages offer a better value.

  2. Beth Fedyn

    I’m a casual fan. When I hear Sweetest Taboo or Smooth Operator, I’m impressed but I never get around to getting any of her CDs.
    I’ll watch for a Greatest Hits.

    1. george Post author

      There are several GREATEST HITS packages for Sade, Beth. I have THE BEST OF SADE which includes all her hits. There’s also SADE; THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION if you want more choices.

    1. george Post author

      Why artists don’t put their best videos on YouTube so they can market their songs mystifies me, Rick. I only had a bunch of crappy videos to choose from. Sample the songs on AMAZON first before you decide to buy Sade’s GREATEST HITS packages.


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