A MAN CALLED OVE (By Fredrik Backman and Movie)

A Man Called Ove is based on a worldwide bestseller by Fredrik Backman about a curmudgeon who feels his life is empty after the death of his wife. There’s a running joke in the book and film about Ove and his lack of success in this matter (no spoiler). Ove is played by Rolf LassgÃ¥rd who played Wallander in the Swedish version of Hemming kelton’s mystery series. Ida Engvoll plays Ove’s wonderful wife, Sonja. In a series of flashbacks, we discover Ove has been dogged by tragedy. Yet, when a new family moves in next door, things begin to change. The arrival of new neighbors Parvaneh (Bahar Pars), her husband Patrik (Tobias Almborg), and their two daughters alters Ove’s plans and the gloom begins to lift. It takes a crafty movie and book to both make you laugh and make you cry. A Man Called Ove manages to achieve both. GRADE: A-

11 thoughts on “A MAN CALLED OVE (By Fredrik Backman and Movie)

  1. Patti Abbott

    Don’t be afraid of sad if the writing and characters are worth it. In this case, they are. And there’s enough joy in it to make up for the sad.


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