Ed Gorman once mentioned to me that he was reading Harry Whittington and really enjoying his writing. But Ed admitted didn’t have any of Whittington’s westerns. The next day, I shipped a dozen duplicates of Harry Whittington’s western paperbacks to Ed Gorman’s address. Ed was delighted by the Whittington package and bestowed on me a “Lifetime” subscription to Myestery Scene. That’s the kind of guy Ed Gorman was. I’m sure on “Ed Gorman Day” you’ll read a lot of stories like this one featuring Ed’s generosity and helpfulness. He was a class guy, an excellent writer, and an inspiration to many.

15 thoughts on “ED GORMAN DAY

  1. maggie mason

    My memory of Ed Gorman was never seeing him. IIRC, he’d sign up for conventions and not show up, or maybe show up, but it wasn’t generally known. I think I sent a book to him once, but senior moments prevent me from saying that was a certainty.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Great story. I’d highly recommend his short stories. I’ve read a lot of his collections, any that I’ve been able to get my hands on, and he is definitely (to my mind) one of the best. I’ve read some of his westerns (excellent) and even a science fiction novel he wrote as by Daniel Ransom, and a fair amount of his mystery novels. The Robert Payne procedurals are a favorite, especially the first, BLOOD MOON.


  3. Beth Fedyn

    Back in the day I wrote a favorable review of one of his Sam McCain books.

    Ed Gorman obviously read it and filled in my Sam McCain collection. I remember mailing a thank-you, which came back as undeliverable.

    A random act of kindness that is remembered and will always be appreciated.

  4. Jerry House

    For those not familiar with Ed’s writing, I’d recommend the short story “The Face.” Not only is it one of the best stories ever written but it gives a glimpse of Ed himself — a man whose humanity shined through.

  5. Prashant C. Trikannad

    George, thanks for sharing that lovely anecdote. I’m glad I got to know Mr. Gorman through his blog as well as his books, having read only two Westerns so far. I look forward to reading some of his other novels. His humaneness reflects in the sympathetic characters he created.


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