I’ve been watching AGENTS OF SHIELD for seven years. Each year, the series improved. The cast is great, the writing is filled with surprises, and the plot arcs dazzle the viewer.

But, sadly, all good things must come from to an end. Disney, who owns the MARVEL franchise, has pulled the plug on all of their shows on Network TV and cable. Hope springs eternal that a new Agents of Shield might show up on Disney+ but I’m not holding my breath.

Tomorrow night, ABC TV will broadcast a 2-hour finale to Agents of Shield. I’m prepared for the eventuality that some of the characters might not make it to the conclusion of the series alive (Joss Whedon is known for dispatching characters no matter how popular they are). And, I’ll have some tissues handy because I’m guessing my eyes might get a little misty. Are you a fan of Agents of Shield? Do you have a favorite episode? GRADE: A (for Season Seven)

22 thoughts on “AGENTS OF SHIELD, Series Finale

  1. Jeff Smith

    George, it was known a while ago that season 7 would be the end — if it even made it that far. In fact, Disney didn’t pull the plug on it, they let it continue to the end despite low ratings.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    No. Never saw an episode, other than in passing when changing the channels, and commenting to Jackie that it was one of your favorites.

  3. Jerry House

    Like you, George, I’ve watched it from the beginning and I’m sorry to see it go. Favorite characters? Coulson, of course. Also “FitzSimmons” and (lately) Deke and Sousa.

  4. maggie mason

    I watched the first season for sure and maybe the second. I think I stopped prior to getting a dvr and it conflicted with another show, but not sure which one.
    I was also losing interest in it. Don’t remember any character enough to have a favorite.

  5. Steve Oerkfitz

    Only watched the first couple episodes and bailed. Don’t remember exactly why other than I thought the main actors were bland. Possibly Marvel/DC burn out.

  6. Todd Mason

    I’m pretty much in Steve’s situation…I watched the first season or so, and it was mostly good but not terribly compelling all told, so when things got busier and ABC started playing scheduling games with it, I ceased trying to keep up with it. I have heard from others that it kept improving throughout its run.

    1. george Post author

      Todd, you hear right. AGENTS OF SHIELD kept improving. The story arcs improved, the cast got better, and the producers weren’t afraid to take risks. I’m sure the series is available On Demand and probably soon on Disney+.

  7. wolf

    Your comments made me look up this (hadn’t heard about it before …) but when I read superpowers, controlling gravity and so on I stopped – just not interested, only in real SF …
    I remember 50 years ago when Marvel and DC comics appeared in Europe – I found them so boring (and stupid …), sorry. 🙂 🙂


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