AMIDST THE CHAOS By Sara Bareilles

Generous Beth Fedyn sent me Amidst the Chaos by the talented Sara Bareilles. I think Katie saw Sara Bareilles on Broadway in Waitress. Sara Bareilles is a songwriter, singer, and actress. Amidst the Chaos reflects the whirlwind of activity in Bareilles’s life. These songs have clever lyrics and compelling melodies. I especially like “Fire” and “A Safe Place to Land” (featuring John Legend). You might remember that on April 6, 2019, Bareilles appeared as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live and performed “Fire” and “Saint Honesty.” If you’re in the mood for some excellent music, give Amidst the Chaos a listen. Thanks again, Beth! GRADE: A
1. “Fire” Sara Bareilles 3:50
2. “No Such Thing” Bareilles Justin Tranter 3:57
3. “Armor” Bareilles 4:27
4. “If I Can’t Have You” Bareilles Emily King Aaron Sterling 4:13
5. “Eyes on You” Bareilles 4:04
6. “Miss Simone” Bareilles Lori McKenna 4:13
7. “Wicked Love” Bareilles 4:39
8. “Orpheus” Bareilles 4:13
9. “Poetry by Dead Men” Bareilles Tranter 3:48
10. “Someone Who Loves Me” Bareilles 3:18
11. “Saint Honesty” Bareilles McKenna 4:35
12. “A Safe Place to Land” (featuring John Legend) Bareilles McKenna 4:29

8 thoughts on “AMIDST THE CHAOS By Sara Bareilles

  1. Patti Abbott

    It is sad how few CDs I have bought in the last decade. I used to buy them quite often. Now I just listen to the old ones or ask Alexa to play songs.

    1. george Post author

      Patti, I might buy a new music CD once a month. I used to buy a new music CD once a week a decade ago. That’s how radically the music industry has changed. Most of the record stores in Western NY have closed. About one third of a Best Buy store used to be CDs. Now, they don’t carry them at all! I buy music CDs from AMAZON now.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I wanted to see her in WAITRESS since she wrote the music and lyrics for the show, but we didn’t.

    We still buy CDs, though not as many as in the past. Some things that are unavailable new I have purchased used, and have been very satisfied with the results. The latest thing we bought was the 2 CD THE MAVERICKS COLLECTION.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, Diane and Katie saw WAITRESS on Broadway a few years ago. I saw WAITRESS in 2018 when the touring company performed at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. Loved it! Sara Bareilles’s music in that musical was magical!

  3. Rick Robinson

    Not familiar with her acting or songs. I still buy a CD now and then, but I have enough, especially classical and jazz, to last forever, and I download music from the (soon to be departed) iTunes store or Amazon Music once in a while.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, I’m still listening to music CDs. People are dumping their CD collections so I’ve been able to buy hundreds of great CDs for a pittance at thrift stores and Library Sales.

  4. Steve Oerkfitz

    Don’t understand her popularity. She is not for me. Still buy a few cds. Recently bought the new one from Cage the Elephant and have the new Springsteen and Black Keys on order.

    1. george Post author

      Steve, I have the new Bruce Springsteen CD on order, too. Many artists and groups don’t issue CDs anymore. You can only download or listen to their music online. Frustrating!


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