I enjoyed the first volume in Martha Wells’s Murderbot series, All Systems Red (you can read my review here), and was eagerly anticipating the next novel of a Security Robot who hacked his systems to free himself. Murderbot is on the run, but he also wants to know about the incident where he failed to protect his clients. On his journey, Murderbot meets another liberated robotic mind–a transport ship–who helps with the logistics. The story produces some tantalizing clues and some hints of a deeper plot. I’m fond of these TOR short novels–Artificial Condition is 158 pages–and the third volume of the Murderbot series, Rogue Protocol, will be shipped on August 7. Can’t wait! GRADE: B+

6 thoughts on “ARTIFICIAL CONDITION By Martha Wells

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    I liked the first one. Unfortunately my library can’t get it for me and I didn’t want to spring for this. It is a bit pricey for a short novel, even on kindle. I’ll wait to see if a used copy comes up lower.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, Martha Wells tells the story of the Murderbot in the First Person, a departure from most of her previous books. I found the AI security robot very convincing!


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