THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME MUSIC (Volumes 1 & 2) By London Philharmonic Orchestra

Here’s a gift suggestion for that hard-to-buy-for gamer on your shopping list: The Greatest Video Game Music. These two volumes present much of the best video game music out there (check out the Track Lists below). The London Philharmonic Orchestra gives the music more gravitas than many video game themes probably deserve, but if you’re a fan of this type of music (much of it has a military sound…lots of drums!) these two CDs should delight you. Check out the sample below, too.
Volume One:
1. Advent Rising: Muse
2. Legend of Zelda: Suite
3. Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2: Theme
4. Angry Birds: Main Theme
5. Final Fantasy VIII: Liberi Fatali
6. Super Mario Bros: Themes
7. Uncharted – Drake s Fortune: Nate’s Theme
8. Grand Theft Auto IV: Soviet Connection
9. World of Warcraft: Seasons of War
10. Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty Theme
11. Tetris Theme
12. Battlefield 2: Theme
13. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
14. Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare: Main Menu Theme
15. Mass Effect: Suicide Mission
16. Splinter Cell: Conviction
17. Final Fantasy: Main Theme
18. Bioshock: The Ocean on his Shoulders
19. Halo 3: One Final Effort
20. Fallout 3: Theme
21. Super Mario Galaxy: Gusty Garden Galaxy
1. Assassin’s Creed – Revelations: Main Theme 4:47
2. Elder Scrolls – Skyrim: Far Horizons 5:15
3. Legend of Zelda – the Windwaker: Dragon Roost Island 3:40
4. Final Fantasy VII: One-Winged Angel 4:11
5. Mass Effect 3: a Future For the Krogan/An End Once and For All 4:56
6. Halo: Never Forget/Peril 3:49
7. Sonic the Hedgehog: a Symphonic Suite 6:22
8. Chrono Trigger: Main Theme 3:11
9. Luigi’s Mansion: Main Theme 3:14
10. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Fate of the Unknown 3:33
11. Super Metroid: a Symphonic Poem 5:49
12. Diablo III: Overture 3:55
13. Batman Arkham City: Main Theme 2:57
14. Deus Ex-Human Revolution: Icarus Main Theme 3:48
15. Fez: Adventure 3:28
16. Portal: Still Alive 3:07
17. Little Big Planet: Orb of Dreamers (The Cosmic Imagisphere)

6 thoughts on “THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME MUSIC (Volumes 1 & 2) By London Philharmonic Orchestra

    1. george Post author

      Most of the pieces are 3-5 minutes long, Rick. I included the times of the pieces on Volume 2 to give you an idea of length of the sections. You would enjoy these collections.


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