Jerry Sullivan, a Buffalo News sports writer, called Head Coach Sean McDermott’s decision to start rookie quarterback Nate Peterman last week against the Chargers “a colossal mistake.” Peterman threw FIVE interceptions in the first half of the game–then he was benched. This week, McDermott is back to starting QB Tyrod Taylor. The Bills are 11 1/2 point underdogs in Kansas City. Things look bleak. How will your favorite NFL team perform this week?


  1. Deb

    After last week’s amazing come-from-behind-to-tie-it-up-in-the-last-second-of-regulation-play-and-win-in-overtime victory, the 8-2 Saints take on the 7-3 Rams today in Los Angeles. These are two fairly well-matched teams and the Saints are entering a pretty challenging part of their schedule. I’d love to see them run the table for the rest of the season, but won’t be surprised at a loss or two, including today.

  2. Maggie mason

    I hope the Packers win, but their season is pretty much shot without Rodgers. I’m hoping the Saints will win. Also (just for you, George) will root for the Bills, but I really want the Chiefs, Broncos and even the Raiders to be on winning streaks to keep the Judases in the bottom. But both LA teams can be called the judases, so I’ll say I really want both of them to lose, but top priority in losing : chargers

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    The horrible Giants held the terrible Redskins to 10-10 for three quarters on Thursday night, only to do what was necessary to lose at the end. You can’t win on 100% defense (especially when yours isn’t good enough to do that) and 0% offense, but the offense scored a total of 3 points against a porous Washington defense.

    Sad, really sad.

    We are getting the Saints-Rams game (go, Saints!) at 4, following Carolina at the Jets.

    The Packers are toast, Maggie. Face it.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    Bills win! Bills win!

    Hey, if the Chiefs couldn’t beat the Giants, I’m not surprised the Bills found a way to beat them.

  5. R. K. Robinson

    Seahawks beat the lowly (1 win) 49ers, which wasn’t a big surprise, but they didn’t look great doing it. Next week, Philly, and I doubt they have much chance. I sure do wish the Saints would have won against the Rams.


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