CAPE MAY by Chip Cheek

Cape May, set in late September 1957, follows Henry and Effie, very young newlyweds from Georgia down the rabbit hole of seduction and sex. The happy couple arrive in Cape May, New Jersey, for their honeymoon. Effie chose Cape May because she had vacation experiences there during summers as a child.

But Henry and Effie only to find the town deserted–it’s off season. They meet a glamorous set of wealthy people from the cottage next door who will change their lives. Clara, a rich and beautiful socialite, is having an affair with Max, a playboy with plenty of money. Henry finds himself attracted to Alma, Max’s young, aloof half-sister. Clara draws Henry and Effie–who are naive and unexperienced–into a web of drinking and seductive behavior. Yes, there’s a lot of sex in Cape May. And, as you might suspect, things spiral out of control. If you’re in the mood for a book that traces the slippery path from innocence to lust, Cape May delivers. GRADE: B

12 thoughts on “CAPE MAY by Chip Cheek

  1. Michael Padgett

    This sounds like a novel I COULD read and might well enjoy, but I probably won’t. And certainly not any time soon, not with that massive new James Ellroy novel on its way. What attracted you to this particular novel?

    1. george Post author

      Michael, CAPE MAY garnered a strong positive review in the New York TIMES BOOK REVIEW. And, it’s short: a little over 200 pages. I read it in a day.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Jackie had a good friend whose family went to Cape May annually. I’ve always wanted to go there but we never have. We are not beach people but I liked the old Victorian buildings. We’ll be going back to another place with real Victorian mansions this summer, Newport, Rhode Island.

    1. Cap'n Bob

      Jeff: I lived in Newport, RI, when I was very young and have a few vivid memories, like a cliff walk, cove with a few carnival rides, the summer homes of the veddy, veddy rich, and a hurricane that wiped out the carnival rides.


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