Come From Away thrilled us when we saw the Broadway version last month. It’s the true story of what happened on September 11, 2001 when planes were diverted to Newfoundland, Canada when U.S. airspace was closed to incoming planes. Yes, 38 planes landed and over 6.000 passengers were stuck on the jets for hours. Finally, the Canadians decided to host the passengers until the crisis was resolved. Of course, problems abounded!

We enjoyed the story and the music. My favorite song was “Me and the Sky” sung by a female pilot of one of the planes. I liked the music so much, I ordered the soundtrack. Highly recommended! GRADE: A-
1. Welcome to the Rock
2. 38 Planes
3. Blankets and Bedding
4. 28 Hours/Wherever We Are
5. Darkness and Trees
6. On The Bus
7. Darkness and Trees (Reprise)
8. Lead Us Out Of the Night
9. Phoning Home
10. Costume Party
11. I Am Here
12. Prayer
13. On The Edge
14. In The Bar/Heave Away
15. Screech In
16. Me and the Sky
17. The Dover Fault
18. Stop the World
19. 38 Planes (Reprise)/Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere
20. Something’s Missing
21. Years Later
22. Finale
23. Bonus: Screech Out

10 thoughts on “COME FROM AWAY

  1. Deb

    Does it seem, I don’t know, inappropriate maybe, to make a musical even tangentially related to 9-11? I suppose it’s like Roger Ebert used to say, no subject matter is off limits, but the execution has to be appropriate.

    /My husband was on a plane on 9-11. He was lucky in the sense that his plane was diverted to an airport not far from where my parents live and he had someone who could pick him up. Not everyone had such good fortune…in so many ways.

  2. mary mason

    This kills me, because it started at the La Jolla Playhouse, and I was mistaken about what it was about and didn’t see it. Big Sigh. I’ll have to see it when it tours.

    I think it was a year or so after the event that I saw a documentary on it, don’t remember what program it was, but it had me crying.

  3. Jerry House

    COME FROM AWAY manages to put a positive face on humanity during some of its darkest days. I found it to be an inspirational story. I won’t tell you how many times we have played the soundtrack.


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