The 2019 Nissan Rogue is the last Nissan model that will have a CD player. Since I love playing CDs in my vehicle (and audio books on CD), this was a feature I really wanted. Our 2011 Nissan Rogue gave us good, reliable service for years. But, it was time to upgrade. Diane wanted the safety features like the Blind Spot monitor, Lane Departure warning system, and Alarm Backup Cameras. And, of course, heated/cooled seats! We also got heated mirrors and a heated steering wheel which will come in handy as the temperatures here today will be in the -30 windchill range.

Another new feature for us is the Power Liftgate. The Nissan Rogue SV comes with a Hands-Free liftgate that you can open with a kick near a sensor if your hands are full. Very nice. This is our 10th Nissan vehicle. We’ve had very good luck with our Nissan cars, van, and SUVs. We take our Nissans in for scheduled maintenance and oil changes and they’re problem-free. Are you thinking about buying a new vehicle before the Recession hits?
All Wheel Drive
GPS Navigation system
Blind Spot monitor
Lane Departure warning
Sirius/XM Radio
AM/FM Stereo
Auxiliary Audio Input
CD Player
MP3 Player
Premium Sound System
Air Conditioning (Zone Control)
Heated/cooled seats
Alarm Back-Up Camera
Adaptive Cruise Control
Vehicle Anti-Theft System
Fog Lamps
Keyless Start
Power Liftgate
Hands-Free Liftgate
Remote Engine Start
Adjustable Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel Controls
Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel (Heated)
Intermittent Wipers/Variable Speed Intermittent Wipers
Keyless Entry
Power Door Locks
Electrochromic rearview mirror
Heated Mirrors
Mirror Memory
Power steering/brakes


  1. Robert Napier

    Kids today! I drive a ten-year-old pickup with hand-cranked windows and if you want in you unlock the door with a key!

  2. Deb

    Very nice! And I admire you for venturing out in the snow to snap that shot. Both John and Lilly have Nissan Versas: he has the hatchback, she has the sedan. The Versa was chosen in both cases because we wanted to keep our monthly payments as low as possible, but, for an economy car, Versas are a very good value. I love the back-up camera and wish I had one on my little Kia Forte. I’m bummed about the CD player being phased out, but I must admit, although I have a player in my car, I tend to just channel-hop on satellite radio.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, Patrick drives a Nissan Juke and loves it! He looked at the Versa but wanted something a bit more daring. We got three free months of Sirius/XM Radio with the new Rogue, but I need to call Sirius and get the remaining six months of our subscription on the old Rogue transferred over. I’m bummed about the end of the CD player era at Nissan, too. But at least we got that last one!

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Sweet! As I told you, we rented a Rogue in St. Petersburg last year and were very pleased with it. The lane departure and backup camera things are excellent, and I’m sure the next Subaru we buy will have them too. We have heated/cooled seats in our Forester this time. You probably need them more than we do. Jackie shares your concern over the loss of the CD player. If we don’t have one in our next car we will get Sirius. If we weren’t dedicated Subaru people, I would definitely look at the Rogue.


    1. george Post author

      Jeff, I fear that the CD player in cars are going the way of 8-track and cassette tape players. Sirius/XM Radio is okay, but you need to dicker with them to get the better price. They always start high, like $200, but I managed to talk them down to $60 for the year.

  4. wolf

    Congratulations, George! Looks nice – and all those extra features, it might drive itself almost …
    Will you tell us how much you paid for the car? 🙂

    1. george Post author

      Wolf, with the $3,500 Nissan rebate, the $6,500 trade-in on the 2011 Rogue, and some other discounts, the new Rogue cost us about $17,000. Well worth it! Plus, they threw in Winter Floor Mats!

      1. wolf

        That’s not a bad price, probably cheaper than in Europe.

        PS and OT:
        I just heard that it’s very cold where you live – and Toronto has 30 degrees below zero?
        Is that true?

      2. george Post author

        Wolf, right now we’re at zero Fahrenheit degrees with a -23 windchill temperature. Toronto gets colder than we do so they’re really in the freezer!

    1. george Post author

      Rick, you’re right about the Winter Floor Mats. We take the cloth floor mats out in the Fall and install the Nissan custom Winter Floor Mats. They run around $130. Then, when Spring arrives, we take Winter Floor Mats out and replace them with the cloth floor mats.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, Diane checked the Kelley Blue Book estimate for our 2011 Nissan Rogue before we went to the dealership. Since that Nissan dealership did 100% of the service on our old Rogue, they knew it was in great shape for resale.

  5. Dan

    I drove a Nissan truck for 15 years, so I have faith in the Make. Enough that I bought a Versa a few years ago, but mine is so stripped down you actually have to roll the windows up & down by hand.

    1. george Post author

      Dan, you and Deb certainly like your Nissan Versas! I’ve had no problems with any of the 10 Nissan vehicles we’ve owned over the years.

  6. Prashant C. Trikannad

    Congratulations to Diane! Keyless start is an interesting feature. But how do you start the car? I don’t much know about cars having learnt to drive very late in life. Due to heavy traffic on all our roads on weekdays, I take the car (a Hyundai Accent) out only on weekends. Rest of the time, I use public transport, autorickshaws, cabs, suburbans trains and state-run buses, all very convenient.

    1. george Post author

      Prashant, you just push the START button on the Nissan Rogue key fob and it remotely starts your vehicle. It’s a handy feature when the temperatures are below zero as they are now!

  7. Jeff Smith

    I had to replace the CD player in my car and the new one doesn’t fit the space as well, and skips when I hit bumps. So now I load music onto a USB stick and play that. It’s a bit of a pain, but it works for me.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, sadly we CD player fans will soon be doing the USB stick or iPod Shuffle. Just like VHS players aren’t being made any more, I fear CD players are nearing extinction.


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