If you put 24 and The Di Vinci Code in a blender, you’d get something like Dig. I watched the first episode last week and like most critics I wondered, “What the hell is going on?” Several plots are swirling around. FBI agent Peter Connelly, played by a wooden Jason Isaacs (he played Lucius Malfoy in the HARRY POTTER movies with more energy) , is sleeping with his boss (Ann Heche–what does she see in him?), and almost has sex with a redheaded college student who is subsequently murdered (what did she see in him?). There seems to be a plot by a Jewish cult that involves a young boy who must be “pure” in order to bring about…something. I’m guessing the Apocalypse. Dig was created by Homeland executive producer Gideon Raff and Heroes creator Tim Kring. Hopefully the confusion clears up or Dig will lose a lot of its audience fast.

11 thoughts on “DIG (USA NETWORK)

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Pretty much have to agree with you. I did like Jason Isaacs in the Showtime series The Brotherhood.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I’ve liked Isaacs in the past too but he seemed to be sleepwalking through this. AMERICAN CRIME is a lot more involving so far.

  3. Richard R.

    Here’s what happens: Jason Isaacs almost sleeps with everyone, the redhead prevents the apocalypse, Ann Heche is a guest on the Ellen show. All that take the whole season. The rest is commercials for skin care products and car-explosion movies.

    There, now you don’t need to watch it. Pretty cool, eh?

    We’re just about to head out the door to LEFT COAST CRIME. Cap’n Bob is on a panel this afternoon, Janet Rudolf is hosting LCC 101, and we hope to see other friends.


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