Haffner Press once again has published a gem! Tales From Super-Science Fiction captures the spirit of the Fifties when Super-Science Fiction magazine graced the newstands every other month with wonderful stories and colorful covers by Emsh and Kelly Freas. If you want a fabulous trip down memory lane, pick up a copy of Tales From Super-Science Fiction. You’ll really enjoy these 14 enjoyable stories!
Table of Contents
Introduction by Robert Silverberg
“Catch ’em All Alive” by Robert Silverberg
“Who Am I?” by Henry Slesar
“Every Day is Christmas” by James E. Gunn
“I’ll Take Over” by A.Bertram Chandler
“Song of the Axe” by Don Berry
“Broomstick Ride” by Robert Bloch
“Worlds of Origin” by Jack Vance
“The Tool of Creation” by J.F. Bone
“I Want to Go Home” by Robert Moore Williams
“Hostile Life-Form” by Daniel L. Galouye
“The Gift of Numbers” by Alan E. Nourse
“First Man in a Satellite” by Charles W. Runyon
“A Place Beyond the Stars” by Tom Godwin
“The Loathsome Beasts” by Dan Malcolm (aka Silverberg)

10 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #176: TALES FROM SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION Edited by Robert Silverberg

    1. george Post author

      Nice, Bill! I would pick up copies of SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION whenever I’d run across them. But I know I don’t have a complete set. The ones I found really entertained me.

    1. george Post author

      TALES FROM SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION is a dandy volume, Sergio. Haffner Press just published it and it will sell out fast. Well worth a look!

  1. Richard R.

    There are a few names ton that ToC that I haven’t seen mentioned in a log while. I’m tempted, but my vow to buy less – and spend less – holds me back. Maybe it will show up under the “birthday tree”. I have several other Haffner books, yet unread, waiting on a shelf, though. Great stuff!

    1. george Post author

      If I were you, Rick, I’d work that “birthday tree” idea. I’ve been impressed with all the Haffner Press books I’ve purchased and TALES FROM SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION is a terrific value. If we don’t support small presses, they’ll just go away.

  2. Todd Mason

    SUPER-SCIENCE is one of the unlikeliest of magazines to get such treatment…but it was one of the extremes in its direction in the fiction magazine field, and certainly enough good and great people wrote for it…

    1. george Post author

      I’m impressed with the covers on those issues of SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION, Todd. And, of course, the stories inside are well-worth reading.

  3. Steve Lewis

    Thanks for letting us all know this book is out. It’s been in my Amazon shopping cart for a long time. Looks like now’s the time to pull the trigger.

    1. george Post author

      You’ll love TALES FROM SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION, Steve. It took me right back to the Fifties. And Haffner Press publishes wonderful books.


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