FORGOTTEN BOOKS #226: “Chick Killer” By Elmore Leonard

mcsweeney's 39
In 2011, McSweeney’s 39, the literary magazine, included an Elmore Leonard story: “Chick Killer.” I’m not sure if many mystery and suspense fans read McSweeney’s so I’m guessing most people are unaware of this fine story. The story is about Karen Sisco, one of my favorite Elmore Leonard characters (played to perfection in Out of Sight by Jennifer Lopez). Karen Sisco wants to resign from the U.S. Marshalls, but before she can Sisco is confronted by a man who has killed four women. The story of how Sisco deals with this criminal is vintage Elmore Leonard. I hope some mystery anthology reprints “Chick Killer” for a wider audience.

8 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #226: “Chick Killer” By Elmore Leonard

  1. Sergio (Tipping My Fedora)

    I’d never heard of the story (or the magazine) so thanks very much as I really liked OUT OF SIGHT (and thought, like you, that the movie was great and Lopez really well cast – never saw the TV version with Carla Gugino though). Thanks as always George.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Ditto. I thought I’d read all of Leonard’s short stories but never heard of this one. Karen Sisco was definitely a great character.

  3. Todd Mason

    Yes, if anything, Gugino struck me as better than Lopez as Sisco.

    McSWEENEY’S is an often bad magazine that almost always has a nugget or two among the dross.

  4. The Right Reverend Cap'n Bob Napier

    As a devoted feminist I’m very offended by that title, as are all the dames I know.


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