FORGOTTEN BOOKS #285: TARZAN: THE LOST ADVENTURE By Edgar Rice Burroughs & Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale completed a story about Tarzan that Edgar Rice Burroughs left unfinished. The completed story was published in four parts by Dark Horse Comics before this single volume was issued in 1995. If you’re an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan and a Tarzan fan, you’ll want this adventure. Many people think the Tarzan series ended when Fritz Leiber’s authorized Tarzan and the Valley of Gold was published in 1966 as the 25th Tarzan novel. But, no. There were more! This Lansdale collaboration was followed by two further novels authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.. R. A. Salvatore’s 1997 Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, and Philip José Farmer’s 1999 The Dark Heart of Time are also worth reading. I haven’t seen the 21st Century Tarzan novels…yet.
1 The twenty four main books
1.1 Tarzan of the Apes (1912)
1.2 The Return of Tarzan (1913)
1.3 The Beasts of Tarzan (1914)
1.4 The Son of Tarzan (1914)
1.5 Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1916)
1.6 Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1919)
1.7 Tarzan the Untamed (1920)
1.8 Tarzan the Terrible (1921)
1.9 Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1922/23)
1.10 Tarzan and the Ant Men (1924)
1.11 Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1927/28)
1.12 Tarzan and the Lost Empire (1928)
1.13 Tarzan at the Earth’s Core (1929)
1.14 Tarzan the Invincible (1930/31)
1.15 Tarzan Triumphant (1931)
1.16 Tarzan and the City of Gold (1932)
1.17 Tarzan and the Lion Man (1933/34)
1.18 Tarzan and the Leopard Men (1935)
1.19 Tarzan’s Quest (1935/36)
1.20 Tarzan and the Forbidden City (1938)
1.21 Tarzan the Magnificent (1939)
1.22 Tarzan and the Foreign Legion (1947)
1.23 Tarzan and the Madman (1964)
1.24 Tarzan and the Castaways (1965)
2 Other official works
2.1 The Eternal Lover and The Mad King (1914–15, 1925, 1926)
2.2 The Adventures of Tarzan (1921, 2006)
2.3 Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins (1927/1936)
2.4 Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (1966)
2.5 Endless Quest Books
2.6 Tarzan: the Lost Adventure (1995)
2.7 Tarzan: The Epic Adventures (1996)
2.8 The Dark Heart of Time (1999)
2.9 Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy (2011)
2.10 Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior (2012)
2.11 “Tarzan: The Savage Lands” (2013)

14 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #285: TARZAN: THE LOST ADVENTURE By Edgar Rice Burroughs & Joe R. Lansdale

    1. george Post author

      Sergio, Tarzan is iconic. Like you, I enjoyed the early movies. But I read the books at the Right Time (I was about 12 years old) and loved them.

  1. Prashant C. Trikannad

    George, I grew up with Tarzan, Korak, Phantom, Mandrake, Rip Kirby, and Flash Gordon comics, and I’m holding on to the few Gold Key and Dell editions that I have. I liked the way Edgar Rice Burroughs and Erle Stanley Gardner wrote. You couldn’t put away their novels easily. I usually finished them in one or two sittings. I have not read any of the non-ERB Tarzan stories.

  2. Richard R.

    I have the first 24 in the uniform pb edition (Dell?) but haven’t read any in decades, and I’m not even sure I ever got through them all.

  3. Richard R.

    Ok, I checked, and they are indeed the Ballantine edition. I don’t like the covers as well as the Ace, but they are fine and what’s between the covers is the same.


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