This new edition of Neil Gaiman’s classic Neverwhere has the tag “Author’s Preferred Text.” In his Introduction, Neil Gaiman discusses how Neverwhere evolved from a BBC TV show to a fantasy novel with different U.S. and English editions. For the first time, this new Neverwhere presents the book Gaiman always wanted Neverwhere to be. Neverwhere is the story of Richard Mayhew, an investments analyst in London whose world changes on his way to dinner. Richard discovers a young girl who is injured and bleeding on the London sidewalks. He takes the girl, called Door, to his flat and everything changes. Two assassins show up. A bizarre character, the Marquis de Carabas, agrees to help Door. Richard tags along and finds himself in another world “under” London. This other world features magic and mysteries and adventures galore. In addition, Gaiman includes a short story, “How the Marquis Got His Coat Back” which I found delightful! Neverwhere was originally published in 1996. If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, you’ll love Neverwhere.

20 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #331: NEVERWHERE By Neil Gaiman

  1. Cap'n Bob

    His father was a high-ranking member of the Scientology Organized Crime Family. In that capacity he helped harass and gaslight author Paulette Cooper until she nearly killed herself. The name Gaiman is poison around here.

  2. Todd Mason

    Despite the sins of the father, Gaiman fils has done much interesting work, including as editor (and, of course, comics scripter). I’ll have to Go Look at what he might’ve had to say about the faith of his father…gee, George, you have some friends with pressable buttons, no?

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    You can’t punish the son for what the father may have done. Well, some of us can’t, or won’t.

    This is my favorite Gaiman book by far. If you know London as well as we do there is an extra kick in the little things, like the character names. Looks like I might have to read this new edition rather than rereading my old copy.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, Gaiman’s Introduction explains the differences in the various editions of NEVERWHERE. But it will be a bibliographer’s nightmare!

  4. Beth Fedyn

    This is one of Joe’s favorite books.

    I got him the DVD for his birthday some years back but never watched it with him.

    Yet another book I’ll have to revisit. I hate you, George.

    1. george Post author

      Beth, I’ve already ordered the BBC Radio version of NEVERWHERE with Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ll be reviewing that as soon as I listen to it. And, thanks again for ROCHESTER KNOCKINGS. That review will appear in August.

  5. Jeff Meyerson

    I totally forgot there was a DVD. I put it in the Netflix queue but I see Amazon has it for under $10.

  6. Richard R.

    Gaiman has gotten so much hype over the years that I have shied away due to my avoid-hype-subjects preference. I probably won’t start reading him any time soon, because there are so many other good things to read.

  7. Cap'n Bob

    The son was also in the cult, but I’m not sure if he left or not. Either way, I’m not attracted to his work. I have enough to keep me busy.

  8. Carl V. Anderson

    Neverwhere has been my second favorite novel of my life since I first read it upon release in ’96. Nothing has been able to replace Dracula in my affections, but Neverwhere comes close. For me, Gaiman truly accomplished what he talks about in this introduction, creating a story that draws deeply on my childhood daydreams. I’ve read it and watched the BBC version many, many times. Just picked up this version yesterday, and truly look forward to revisiting some of my most beloved characters in literature: Richard Mayhew, Lady Door, the Marquis de Carabas…and many of the side characters who are also like old friends.

    Is this the first time you’ve read this? I can’t wait to see what Neil did to this, as I’ve long considered the first novel to be brilliant.

    1. george Post author

      Carl, I read NEVERWHERE way back when. Reading this new version was a delight. And, Gaiman hints he might “revisit” this world. I’d buy the sequel in a heartbeat!

      1. Carl V. Anderson

        Not only would I love to see him revisit this world, Neverwhere is one of the few worlds that I would like to see them do an anthology collection where other authors play in this world. Both this one and the Stardust world.

      2. george Post author

        Carl, I completely agree. A “shared world” anthology would be great! But I’m hoping Neil Gaiman writes a sequel to NEVERWHERE.

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