FORGOTTEN BOOKS #431: MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY Edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Robert Greenberg

Miskatonic University is H. P. Lovecraft’s home for the Necronomicon and other occult books. Miskatonic University is located in Lovecraft’s Arkham, Massachusetts where weird things happen all the time. This collection of original stories runs the gamut of faux-Lovecraftean creepiness. In addition, check out the cool Miskatonic University shirt that is tempting me below. Wouldn’t it be perfect for my appearance at the World Fantasy Convention in San Antonio in November?
9 · A Letter from the President to Incoming Students · Stefan Dziemianowicz · pr *
15 · Kali Yuga Comes · Tina L. Jens · nv *
57 · Teachers · Mort Castle · ss *
75 · Her Misbegotten Son · Alan Rodgers · na *
145 · Scavenger Hunt · Brad Linaweaver · ss *
153 · Black Celebration · Jay Bonansinga · ss *
167 · To Be as They · Stephen Mark Rainey · nv *
189 · Second Movement · Benjamin Adams · nv *
211 · A Dreaming of Dead Poets · Jane M. Lindskold · nv *
233 · Mandelbrot Moldrot · Lois H. Gresh · nv *
255 · The Smile of a Mime · Billie Sue Mosiman · ss *
271 · The Sothis Radiant · Will Murray · nv *
301 · The Play’s the Thing · Christie Golden · nv *
323 · Ghoulmaster · Brian McNaughton · nv *

16 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #431: MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY Edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Robert Greenberg

      1. Todd Mason

        Most are veteran horror and other sorts of fantasy writers these years. Benjamin Adams is the only byline that rings no bells for me.

  1. Prashant C. Trikannad

    George, I’m intrigued by the first chapter titled Kali Yuga, which, in Sanskrit (Hindu) scripture, refers to the fourth and final stage of the world — also known as the age of discord, strife, downfall, and darkness. Each yuga lasts thousands, even millions, of years and we’re currently going through one. Why am I not surprised?!

  2. mary mason

    Get the T shirt, and have fun at the Conv.

    Prashant: Hopefully this Yuga we’re in will be over soon. Sadly, the US had a big hand in it, due to our election results.

    1. Prashant C. Trikannad

      Mary, I think, going by the wars and other manmade horrors over centuries, most countries have had a hand in the Dark Age. On an optimistic note, the end of Kali Yuga heralds the restart of the first yuga, Satya Yuga — the Age of Truth — and all will be well again.

  3. Denny Lien

    As Greenberg anthologies go, this one is pretty hard to find — I don’t think I’ve seen a copy at a local bookstore for several years, and the last time I did see one it was priced at something like twenty dollars. Fortunately I’ve long had my own copy, though I’ve never gotten around to reading it.

    1. george Post author

      Denny, you’re right about the scarcity of MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY. I’ve never seen a copy in a bookstore–new or used. I lucked out and found a copy online for a reasonable price and in reasonable condition.


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