Spiderman: Homecoming returns to the roots of the Spiderman saga with the casting of Tom Holland who actually looks like he’s 15 years old. Much of the story takes place in Peter Parker’s High School in NYC. Michael Keaton plays a complicated Bad Guy called the Vulture (a bow to Keaton’s role in BIRDMAN) who deals in alien technology and weapons. Robert Downey, Jr. shows up as Tony Stark and IRON MAN. So does Chris Evans as Captain America in some humorous bits (be sure you stay for all the credits!).

However, my favorite character in this Spiderman movie is “Karen” voiced by Jennifer Connelly. I can’t wait for the next Spiderman movie! Great Summer fun! GRADE: A-


  1. mary mason

    You’ve made it sound fun. thanks for the hint about staying thru the credits.

    I saw Holland on the Graham Norton show and he was very entertaining.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I’ve never seen a Spiderman movie – I did see the kid with Tony Stark in the last Avengers movie – but then I never read Spiderman either.

    Obviously, it’s not for me.

  3. Fred Blosser

    George, it sounds like this one may actually capture the old Stan Lee-Steve Ditko vibe. I remember sitting in a barbershop as a 12-year-old, reading THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN #2, featuring the Vulture, while waiting to get a haircut. Wish I’d kept the comic — I see that copies have price tags in the $600-$700 range on the (ahem) Web.

    1. george Post author

      Fred, I wish I had my comic book collection, too. My Mom “cleaned” my room while I was away at Summer Camp. I used to show her what those comics are worth today. “I could have bought you a new house,” I told her.

      1. mary mason

        My dad used to work at the straw board in KS. It was where they pulped newspapers and magazines, etc. to make new paper.

        He used to bring home comic’s for his younger siblings. Wish he’d kept some hid away and found much much later, sigh

  4. Prashant C. Trikannad

    George, I’m not much of a Spider-Man fan but I’ll be watching this film because I like superhero movies. I’m still holding on to my modest collection of DC and Marvel and other assorted comics from the sixties through the nineties.

  5. Scott Cupp

    George – my first issue of Spider-Man was #2 which featured the first appearance of the Vulture. a pretty minor villain in my opinion. But I loved Peter Parker, a geeky science nerd who was definitely not an athlete. That was me and I really identified with the character. He always did the right thing even though it cost him dearly. This film really portrayed his insecurities and the fact he was learning his powers. I really enjoyed the film. It was MY Spider-Man.

  6. Todd Mason

    Almost anything would be an improvement over all, and I do mean all, the previous Spidey films. The second Raimi film was the least bad I’ve seen.


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