Nell Stillman is a woman with a lot of problems. She lives in a small Midwestern town at the beginning of the 20th Century. As problems occur, Nell finds solace in the writings of P. G. Wodehouse. Later, Nell becomes a 3rd Grade Teacher in the local elementary school, but she has enemies who threaten her. Faith Sullivan writes convincingly about small town life and the issues women faced before they were granted the right to vote. I enjoyed the selections from Wodehouse’s work that kept Nell sane despite all the turmoil swirling around her. GRADE: B+

12 thoughts on “GOOD NIGHT, MR. WODEHOUSE By Faith Sullivan

  1. mary mason

    This sounds good, but I’d prefer to just read Wodehouse. I agree with Prashant, he’s good for cheering me up.

  2. Jerry House

    Wodehouse is good at keeping anyone sane. Or, at least, providing a respite from dark times and bleak moods. I’ve often pictured a psychiatrist building a prosperous business just by saying, “Take two Wodehouse and call me in the morning.”

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    It sounds like a show we saw once. And we’ve seen a couple of Wodehouse adaptations too. I have a bunch more on my “to be read” list but the list gets longer every day.


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