32 thoughts on “HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

  1. wolf

    Happy 4th to you all!
    This brings back fond memories:
    In June 2006 we had the soccer world championship held in Germany and everybody went crazy about this – even in my favourite bar I was the only one sitting outside in the sun while everybody else sat inside before the big screen.
    So I went to the last minute travel agency a few meters away and voilá!
    They had a really good offer, cheap flight to Ft Myers and an apartment near the beach …
    I couldn’t say no and around the 25th I left soccer crazy Germany alone – my first wife had died a few years ago.
    It was a fantastic holiday at the white sand of Ft Myers Beach, I went for a swim every day and talked to a ranger who told me about how she looked out for the sea turtle’s nests.
    And on the 4th there were spectacular fireworks at the pier! I really hadn’t expected that.
    PS and even more OT:
    The only fireworks I’ve seen which were even more spectacular – accompanied by synchronised music and laser displays were in Orlando Disneyworld around 20 years ago.

      1. wolf

        We had a discussion about Donald wanting tanks participating in that parade! Is it really true? Haven’t looked at the news yet.
        And several people said:
        Just like in the times of Stalin!

      2. george Post author

        Wolf, Trump managed to get the U.S. Army to lend him two 100-ton tanks, two armored personnel carriers, and 20 jets to fly over him today. What a waste of money! But, Trump knows what his base of voters likes…and he gives it to them!

  2. Dan

    I shall follow the Holiday Tradition of My People: go up on the roof & throw firecrackers at the neigbor’s dogs.

    That’s a joke, folks!

    1. wolf

      Dan, since you seem like a nice person I accept that joke – but it really happens.
      We had a very nice dog, mixture between German Shepard and Belgian Malinois (had to put her to sleep when she got ill – at 16 years, really good for a big dog).
      But when there were fireworks or thunderstorms she tried to hide in the bedroom and we had to comfort her.
      17 years ago I named her Alexa – should have got a copyright on this … 🙂

      1. Jerry House

        Wolf, when I was a kid our dog was a half Newfoundland/half St. Bernard named Polly who would panic whenever there was thunder. She was an outdoor dog and was never allowed in the house, but made it inside several times when she was scared by thunder by crashing through the screen door in panic — and once charged through the legs of our elderly babysitter. She was a sweet dog but could not be comforted during thunderstorms.

      2. Dan

        GAWD YES! I remember vividly how our dogs used to throw major fits any time there were fireworks within hearing range!

      1. george Post author

        Rick, for most of my life New York State banned fireworks. But, that didn’t stop psychos from driving to Pennsylvania to buy fireworks (where it was legal). Then, a couple years ago, NY State decided to go with the flow and drop the ban against fireworks. Last week I walked into our local Wal-Mart and the first thing I saw was a huge pile of fireworks for sale. And plenty of buyers. Needless to say, tomorrow we’ll have reports of people injured by fireworks, setting themselves on fire, etc.

  3. Jerry House

    Have a very happy Fourth to two of my favorite firecrackers, George and Diane! Any special plans?

    1. George Kelley

      Jerry, Happy Fourth to you and your family! Patrick and Katie are visiting, our niece from Vegas is staying with us for the week, and Diane’s sister is in our guest room because she’s attending a wedding Saturday. The Kelley Hotel has no vacancies! We plan to take everyone out for Brunch this morning (I usually order the Pecan Pancakes. The usual hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, beans, apple sauce, and ice cream cake are on the menu for dinner. Then, off for the fireworks!

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    Happy Fourth, to the Kelley’s et al. We’re in Connecticut with cousins and not skimping on food (or ice cream). Yesterday we ate at Mystic Pizza, which was (sadly) OK but mediocre. I think it is pasta and/or seafood tonight.

    Diane looks festive In her July 4th finery.

  5. Deb

    Happy 4th to all!

    John got up at 1:00 am to put a pork butt on the big green egg. He’ll add ribs later. We’re having pulled pork, ribs, spicy slaw, watermelon, and homemade chocolate gelato. Meanwhile, we’re watching Twilight Zone episodes on Amazon Prime. Just saw one with Ida Lupino as a fading star (a la Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard) who ends up in the movie reel she watches over and over (a la The Purple Rose of Cairo).

    We no longer have any pets, but for the 30 years we had dogs, we always kept them inside on July 4th, New Year’s Eve, and Halloween—the sound of fireworks scares dogs and, unfortunately, there are some sick people out there who throw firecrackers at dogs and cats.

    1. Jeff Meyerson

      Worst Ever – we were in Paris one year on Bastille Day (July 14th), and foolishly went to the Champs Elysses. Forget the dogs, these f#cking morons were lighting fireworks and throwing them right at the feet of people walking by.

      Too bad they didn’t do it to Trump two years ago. Then maybe his idiotic Parade idea might have been stillborn.

    2. george Post author

      Deb, your menu sounds delicious! We don’t have pets, either (too many allergies) but since New York State removed the ban on fireworks a couple years ago, the Fourth of July has turned into a fireworks extravaganza! I feel sorry for the poor animals that have to endure all the noise.

      1. Jeff Meyerson

        When we lived in Carroll Gardens in the ’70s and ’80s and it was still an Italian neighborhood, they went CRAZY with fireworks every year. I remember coming home one year on the Fourth, and they had dragged a huge wire garbage can into the middle of the street, filled it with fireworks, and just lit the whole thing off. I had to wait about 15 minutes until it all burned out.

        I agree with Rick. They’re morons.

      2. george Post author

        Jeff, now that fireworks are legal, it’s rare that a night goes by without some explosions–even in the winter! I don’t know why people waste their money on fireworks. They’re just burning up their money…literally!

  6. Rick Robinson

    Happy Independence Day, George and family (you have a full house today, eh?).

    TRUMP EGO PARTY: I see no listing for the Trump Show-Off thing on any TV stations. Private showing? I HATE it, the whole thing, and WE have to pay for the bloody thing, either through reduced park services or straight out. I’m sorry, but I’m on a bummer this morning with the assbreath bully and his whole program.

    FIREWORKS: No, no, no! The big stuff is illegal here, but people just drive across the bridge to Washington and buy the dangerous ones, then blow their fingers off and start fires and the like.

    FOOD: My CT scan prohibited my Diabetes meds and my numbers are way up in spite of eating right. So I get a hamburger patty and a pickle spear. That’s it. Woo-fucking-hoo. Oh, and sugar-free Jello for dessert. Be still my heart.

    Now I’ll go out on the deck and pout, so as not to belabor my wife with my crappy mood. Have a wonderful day, everyone.

      1. Rick Robinson

        They can’t kick in until I’m allowed to take them again. I have to go to lab tomorrow am and get a blood test, then the doc – who may be gone until Monday – has to look at it and okay my starting again. Meanwhile, no carbs, no sugar, no nothing.

    1. Jerry House

      Rick, in the spirit of good will and brotherly love I will eat all the bad stuff for you. (And lick my lips while doing it!) I hope your numbers level off soon.

    2. Jeff Meyerson

      We just checked. Fireworks are still illegal in New York City. According to what Jackie just read, it is still illegal to buy anything BUT sparklers in NYS. Bottle rockets, Roman candles and the like are NOT legal.

      1. george Post author

        Jeff, without fail some kid will be horribly burned by sparklers in Western NY this Fourth of July. They’re dangerous and little kids don’t realize how hot sparklers’ temperatures are: 1800°F to 3000°F, depending on the fuel and oxidizer used. That’s more than sufficient to cause severe skin burns or ignite clothing.

      2. wolf

        We have similar laws in Europe – but:
        In China and even in Poland people mix fireworks which are like cannon powder, totally illegal and extremely dangerous, and some idiots bring them over here, Germany and Hungary e g.
        So every first of January (fireworks are only allowed on New Year’s Eve) many people have to go to the ER …
        I used to go to my holiday home in Hungary straight after Xmas – because of my dog. I the old times Hungarians could not afford fireworks, but now they’re as crazy.
        I hope you all made it through the fireworks and the feasting yesterday without any problems! 🙂

  7. Cap'n Bob

    I’m amazed at the dearth of fireworks here this year! However, the Freedom Fair along the waterfront, about a mile from here, features jets and the loud engines scare my candy ass German shepherd! I guess we’ll hear plenty of fireworks tonight, though, and poor Molly will try to crawl under my desk! We got her a Thunder Shirt a few years ago and it was useless, as were tranquilizers.

    Fireworks are illegal in Tacoma but the Indians are allowed to sell them on their land! One fireworks stand calls itself Ill Eagle Fireworks!


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