18 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

  1. Deb

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. We went out yesterday for our Mother’s Day meal (Greek-Lebanese food–wonderful!). Today will be low-key…and, as always on Sunday, laundry!

    1. Rick Robinson

      We do ours on Friday. Thank goodness we live in the age of washing machines, and don’t have to beat the clothes on a rock by the stream. Happy Mother’s Day, Deb

      George – typing in my info is a pain in the neck

    2. george Post author

      Deb, after Patrick and Katie made Brunch for Diane (and me)–omelets and French toast–we traveled to see the Redwoods. Then we returned to San Jose and had pizza for dinner! No laundry today!

  2. wolf

    Happy Mother’s Day again to all the ladies here (we already had it in Hungary last Sunday – I think I wrote about it)!
    We went out to the Balaton Lake, walked along the pier in sunshine and 25 Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) and had a very good icecream (two cones each) – dinner was just leftovers from lunch:
    Langalo (a kind of Hungarian pizza, toppings arranged by yours truly) and a salad.

    Actually every day should be mother’s day – when we men help the ladies withe their household work, like I’m proud to do.
    I am responsible for the “dirty side” of the washing machine and the dryer and also the dishwasher – my wife puts the cleaned stuff back in the place where it belongs …

    I also “lost” my user and email – but as soon as I enter the first letter it appears again, so no big problem …

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Happy Mother’s Day to Diane and Barbara and Deb and all the rest of you. We’re in the city for another show and it was quite crowded on the bus coming in, though Midtown isn’t as bad as last week. At least the weather is cooperating, though we are going straight from early Spring weather this past week to summer by the end of the week – they are predicting 89 on Thursday!

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, it’s in the 60s and sunny here in San Jose. Patrick took us to Santa Cruz to see the Pacific Ocean. Then we returned to San Jose to enjoy some great pizzas!

      1. wolf

        George, we have fond memories of Santa Cruz!
        Rather OT – one of my favourite stories from California …
        On our way back from Vegas etc to San Francisco we stayed there after having a look at Morro Jable and went first to the famous Boardwalk. After a small dinner we went downtown to look for a bar as we always do. The first one smelled of smoke!
        So we went to the next one – only to realise that people were smoking too, but it wasn’t too bad, so we stayed – the place had an open terrace in the back.
        We sat at the bar, ordered a beer and watched people playing pool. Suddenly on of the players kind of overshot and the ball came flying through the bar – didn’t do any damage though.
        I raised my arms and called out:
        Don’t shoot us – we’re innocent!
        The whole bar broke into laughter …
        Then the “culprit” came over to us, excused his mistake and offered us a drink – they had alrge selection of whiskeys etc, but I said:
        Come on, that’s not necessary, beacause he didn’t look like a rich guy.
        He laughed and waved the barman over: Don’t worry, I own this place!
        So we accepted that drink and started a conversation and told him that we’re from Europe …

        Later a band arrived and he talked to them and before they started playing they announced that there were visitors from Hungary and the first song they would play for Eva …

        My info is back! No problems!

      2. george Post author

        Wolf, the BUTTERY bakery was fabulous! Santa Cruz was lovely, but the cupcakes were heavenly. Glad somebody’s info is back! WORDPRESS is not responding to my complaints yet.

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