Holiday Romance Collection Movie 10 Pack

holiday movie 10 pack
Diane loves Christmas movies, the more romantic the better. So here’s a nice collection of holiday films that will delight that romantic viewer on your list. Mistletoe and movies–you can’t beat that combination! This 3-DVD set costs a little more than a buck a movie. A bargain! Here’s the lineup:
A Christmas Kiss
Holiday Engagement
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Moonlight & Mistletoe
Three Wise Women
An Old Fashioned Christmas
Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus
A Boyfriend for Christmas
Mrs. Santa Claus
A Carol Christmas

21 thoughts on “Holiday Romance Collection Movie 10 Pack

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    Patti, these are mostly Hallmark Channel movies. I know because Jackie has a dozen of them recorded to watch in the next few weeks, and has already seen most of the ones from the last few years.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Just check The Hallmark Channel (I see George did mention it too). They are running pretty much around the clock this month (and November too).

    Jackie checked and she has 14 of them recorded, and says she’s seen most of the older ones, like that one with The Fonz.

  3. Beth Fedyn

    I stick to the traditional – White Christmas, Holiday Inn, The Christmas Story, Love, Actually.

    And most of the Harry Potter movies have a Christmas sequence. Can’t go wrong with Harry.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    Jackie is watching – and fast forwarding – THREE WISE WOMEN.

    She doesn’t recommend it. The woman’s past and future self are helping her find romance. Kind of a CHRISTMAS CAROL-type thing, set in Dublin.

  5. maggie mason

    I would have thought the movies might have been from lifetime as well as Hallmark. I watched one with Mira Sorvino as Mrs. Claus and Will Sasso as Santa. It was ok.

    After seeing White Christmas on the stage, I saw it this weekend on TCM. There were differences in the story line, and of course the staging in the movie could be much more elaborate. I thought the cast of the play was better, with the exception of Dean Jagger as the general, and Rosemary Clooney. (I’m not a Bing Crosby fan) Danny Kaye was more age appropriate that the guy in the play, who looked to be 20, and his performance was well suited to the story line in the movie, and the young guy was better for the play story line) The character who stole the show was the woman playing the manager at the Inn, who was a hoot.

    I think Love Actually tops my list of Holiday movies

      1. Jeff Meyerson

        We watch LOVE ACTUALLY every Christmas. There are sections I like more than others but overall it is a favorite.

        My favorite factoid about WHITE CHRISTMAS was one that Bill Crider had on his blog last week – that even thought Rosemary Clooney played Vera Ellen’s older sister, she was actually 26 to the latter’s 33. And Bing was 51, so ick. (But then, I agree with Maggie about Bing, a hypocritical child abusing “family man.”)

  6. Cap'n Bob

    I hate, despise, detest, and loathe Hallmark and Lifetime movies! Linda watches them faithfully and I’m thinking of having her committed!

  7. Deb

    Not to hijack the thread, but I heartily concur with the opinion of Bing Crosby. He was awful to his first wife (I wouldn’t say he drove her to alcoholism, but his neglect of her only exacerbated her tendencies) and their kids. In fact, at least one, possibly two, of his sons from his first marriage committed suicide–and drug and alcohol abuse was rampant among all of them. I just can’t watch WHITE CHRISTMAS, knowing what an utter sh*t Bing Crosby was.

    1. maggie mason

      Deb, we’re lucky here in San Diego as for the last 4 years White Christmas has been performed. I saw it for the first time this year and really enjoyed it, and watched the movie right after to compare. I was supposed to go last year, but David Engel, a friend of a friend who played the bing crosby part, had to cancel. He worked it so we got our money back. He cancelled as he was working on the 6 dances in 6 days at the laguna playhouse with Leslie Caron, IIRC.

  8. Cap'n Bob

    Der Bingle was a Tacoma product and the Rose Garden at Point Defiance Park, a couple of mile from here, has a section devoted to him!


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