Diane chose Isn’t It Romantic as our Valentine’s Day movie. Rebel Wilson (best known for her roles in the Perfect Pitch movies) stars as Natalie, a low-level architect (she designs parking garages). One of Natalie’s co-workers, Josh (Adam Devine) has a crush on her. But Natalie is oblivious. Natalie also thinks romantic comedies are stupid. Then, during a mugging on the subway, Natalie runs into a pole and goes into a coma. In her coma, Natalie finds herself in a Perfect World where she’s successful and men are all interested in her romantically. Her best friend and assistant, Whitney (Betty Gilpin) suddenly follows the Romantic Comedy script and becomes her enemy at work. Wealthy real estate investor, Blake (Liam Hemsworth, THOR’s little brother), falls in love with Natalie.

Direct Todd Strauss-Schulson spares us none of the Romantic Comedy tropes: The Kiss, The Bollywood-like Musical Dance Number, The Slow-Motion Run to Stop a Wedding, and a painful Karaoke Sing-a-long. I did like Isabella (Priyanka Chopra), a gorgeous model and Yoga Ambassador. I could have done without Natalie’s grouchy neighbor Donny (Brandon Scott Jones) who becomes her gay best friend and fashion consultant. Sure, Isn’t It Romantic spoofs the whole Romantic Comedy genre, but I wish it was funnier. GRADE: B-

9 thoughts on “ISN’T IT ROMANTIC

  1. Jeff Smith

    Michael Phillips, in his review of this movie, said he was tired of the concussion-changes-things-magically trope. Ann, who is still suffering from the concussion she got back in November, agreed, and decided she didn’t need to see this.

    1. george Post author

      Dan, there is a snarky tone to ISN’T IT ROMANTIC. And, sadly, there were no other Romantic Comedy option…and Diane gave me The Look when I suggested ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Pass, pass, pass. First Amy Schumer, now this. Who says Hollywood is out of original ideas? Everyone! (Exhibit A: WHAT WOMEN/MEN WANT.)


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