Longmire Season Two lacked the intensity of Season One, but I still enjoyed it. The producers and writers took a couple of misguided tangents (the Election for Sheriff and the near-fatal hit-and-run of Longmire’s daughter come to mind). But Robert Taylor embodies the character of Longmire and his supporting cast is strong. The gruesome Indian ritual Longmire undergoes to “save” his daughter’s life creeped me out but it’s consistent with the storyline and culture Longmire developed over two seasons. I hope this series gets renewed. Past episodes should be available at A&E ON DEMAND or the A&E website.

22 thoughts on “LONGMIRE, SEASON TWO FINALE (A&E 10 P.M. EDT)

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    The first book was the toughest to get through but the humor starts coming through as the series progresses.

    We’ll be watching the finale too. I’m betting it will be renewed for a third series.

    We didn’t care much for SILK but we’re catching up on ORPHAN BLACK, LUTHER and THE NEWSROOM (now that we got three free months of HBO since Time Warner took off Showtime with the other CBS channels).

  2. Patti Abbott

    I gave up on this one. I love the characters, love the setting but the writing is so-so at best. We’ve talked about this before but the 40 minutes is not enough time to do a credible job. I understand why they don’t have much of an arc but it sure means it’s not the show it could be,

  3. George Kelley

    Patti, you’re right about the format of LONGMIRE. The stories feel rushed at times. I wish it were a 90-minute or two hour program. The Brits have plenty of 90-minute productions like POIROT and MISS MARPLE.

  4. Todd Mason

    Yup. And it also highlights the fact that having, say, 10 or 15 episodes a season rather than the typical broadcast offer of 22-26 is no guarantee of greater quality. But I’ve rather enjoyed LONGMIRE the series so far, despite being unconvinced by the necessity of the masochistic ritual.

  5. Stan Burns

    In one of the books Longmire’s daughter is almost beaten to death by her boyfriend, and Longmire goes back east to I think Philadelphia to track down the killer.

    I agree that the series should be 90 minutes long. The first episode of season 2 was based on one of the books – and it didn’t make a lot of sense as they cut out so much material. However, being set in the snow gave much more of a feeling of the books than most episodes as the weather – especially snow – is a major character in the books.

    However, his Indian friend in the books is something like 6 feet 4 inches and built like a forward guard – he is totally miscast in the series. They at least had the female deputy say she had dyed her hair blond to hide out, as she has dark hair in the books.

    I also loved Orphan Black – so much so that after watching the first disk from Netflix I ran out and bought the 1st season DVD set to see the other two disks as they were ‘long wait’ and I wanted to see them now.

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    What Stan said. It’s bothered me the whole series how miscast Lou Diamond Phillips is. Walt is 6’4″ and Henry is even bigger. Of course in the books Cady is a Philadelphia lawyer and has a whole different (without giving away any secrets) love life. Plus, Walt and Vic … well read the books and find out.

  7. R.K. Robinson

    Patti said the show is 40 minutes long. So the other 20 minutes is commercials? Or what? I wouldn’t want to give 1/3 of my time watching a show to commercials, though there are an awful lot of them on the few shows I do watch, like football games. There are even commercials on PBS shows these days, at the beginning and end, but at least not in the middle.

  8. The Right Reverend Cap'n Bob Napier

    Never saw it, though sometimes I think I should. I’ll have to wait for the DVD set so there are no commercials. Yeah, I’ll do that. Never.

  9. Todd Mason

    I’ve yet to watch a LONGMIRE “live” as opposed on demand or on DVR (so the commercials can be sped through). A&E vies with BBC America for how many commercials they can lard into the programming.

  10. George Kelley

    Jeff, I’m sure there are significant differences between the LONGMIRE TV series and the books. Fans of Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME are upset with the changes in the CBS series. It happens all the time.

  11. Todd Mason

    Though Verizon “gets” me in my late-night viewing…they keep interrupting the On Demand views with Emergency Broadcast (and Cablecast) tests. Which also means that, as with last night’s episode, I’ll have to scroll through the whole episode to get the last few minutes.

  12. Ron Scheer

    I watched 2-3 episodes of the first season at netflix. I agree with Patti and others that the format needs to be longer form. What I watched was too rushed for the complexity of the material it wanted to cover. The design of the show, the locations, and the performances are fine, and I enjoy Lou Diamond Phillips, though I understand the character is much different in the novels. I may try some later episodes to see whether they were better suited to the 40-minute straitjacket.


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